The Road to the Future: The Growth of Rental Vans in Europe

The Road to the Future: The Growth of Rental Vans in Europe

-Hats off to an industry with a wheely promising future!

Ladies and gentlemen: We’re finally in the future. 

Gradually, yet unimpeachably, the world of technological advancements, electrification, and publicly accessible web-based luxuries have been making their mark on society for as long as the majority can remember. To an individual belonging to a dated section of history, the very thought of not having to leave your house to obtain a purchase would have sounded like the result of wishful thinking, let alone a luxury and reality available to most. Owing mainly to the ingenuity of home delivery services, a myriad of transportation services, and the broadly accessible Internet, acquiring that much-needed package has never been so simple- only a click of the finger away, in fact! 

Undoubtedly, in the world of supply-and-demand and web-based business-building, companies have witnessed unprecedented, monumental growth in customer quantity and demand, mostly due to the impact of COVID-19 and other detrimental events. Of course, such consequential events force us to question the future of certain businesses, for one, the transportation business. Have recent events rendered such an industry unnecessary? 

Is there even a future at all?

All You Van Dream Of – The Many Uses of Rent-A-Van…

Whether you’re packing up shop to settle into that slightly larger, more affordable home in the next town across, or you’re looking for a vehicle to cater to that equipment-heavy band of yours, the van rental service is unassailably the booming business to be right now. 

European Van rental companies find that a majority of their customers are tourists hoping to take in the local sights and take an enjoyable road excursion. In addition, renting a van has never been more convenient with web-based pre-booking and arrangements- it’s almost too good of an opportunity to pass up!

There’s undeniably something for everyone, and both the sheer competitiveness and prosperity of the trade mean prices are lower than ever before. Need reassurance? Look no further than the 2019 automotive reports, reporting that governments, rental agencies, and a variety of companies (including distinguished and notable names such as Amazon) purchased 2.6 million vans for their fleets through November- a staggering amount of sales, and no doubt an indicator of the flourishing world of rent-a-vehicle. Furthermore, statistics report that around 35-50% of all vans on the road are used solely for goods logistics. 

This is no surprise to us, of course. The convenience of hiring a man and his van to your doorstep is simply irresistible. 

COVID 19’s Mark on the Rental Industry

The pandemic’s monumental effect in regard to several industries should come as no surprise to you, especially in regard to the most taxing periods such as lockdown. To put it simply, the digital economy boomed and companies thrived, with 20-30% of businesses moving online during the pandemic peak.

Needless to say, both delivery and rental services experienced a plethora of problems in contrast- due to both their vast shortage of workers and stringent travel restrictions -67% of British customers reported some kind of delay, with parcels being delivered around 2 days later than expected. 

So what does this mean for the van rental service?

According to a post-COVID-19 study, hiring a vehicle in order to visit Europe’s most resplendent spots had almost doubled in comparison to pre-pandemic prices. Tourists eager to travel through the thick-and-thin of Europe can only hope that things rapidly and efficiently return back to normal in order for them to take that family road trip they’ve been so profoundly looking forward to. 

Zero Resistance – The Push to Electrify Rental Vans…

When trying to understand how electrification is progressing in regard to the automotive industry, look no further than probably the most notorious delivery company in the world- Amazon. With its own personal fleet of over 30,000 branded vans, 20,000 branded trailers, and a guarantee of a soon-to-increase growth in numbers, it is fruitless to deny the company’s online presence and sheer notability within the digital world. 

With a fervent commitment to be net-zero carbon by 2040, Amazon has begun to make the monumental move of electrifying its entire fleet of rental vehicles, initiating this sequence by ordering over 100,000 electric delivery vans from the automobile company Rivian. Founded in 2009 by Robert Scaringe, the company is dedicated to producing electric vehicles in order to counter the looming, deleterious effect of global warming. One thing’s for sure- witnessing this move into a futuristic, greener society will most certainly be an unaccustomed privilege to us all. 

The Other Components – A Public Attitude to Electrification 

An irreproachable fact: The world of clean-green energy is inevitably daunting on us, that’s for certain- but will this spark be welcomed with open arms and a surge of enthusiasm, or a disgruntled sigh of reluctance? Any experienced traveller would be quick to understand that electric hire vehicles are both intermittent and frequent, especially in regard to vans, not cars.  

A quick Google search will confirm this disheartening fact, forcing us to accept that both our ideologies and technological creations are not as advanced as we would like to think- only 35% of van drivers would consider an electric equivalent as their next model. What is the reasoning behind this enervating fact, and what does it mean for the Earth?

The evidence will show that cars and vans are responsible for around 12% and 2.5% of total EU emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the main greenhouse gas. While 2.5% may seem laughable in comparison to 12.5%, it is still imperative that we eradicate this percentage in order to contribute as much as we can to circumvent the arising global catastrophes and consequences of our lengthy chemical misuse.

We all are encouraged to take the more environmentally friendly, sustainable option in these troubling times, allowing us to sleep at night with a clear and satisfied conscience. 

Hitting the Road: Making the Most of Rental Vehicles 

Got a free weekend on your hands? Maybe the kids up are for a bit of a grassland adventure? Well, good news- you finally get to take that new car of yours out for a spin!

But, oh, what’s this? It’s crammed to the brim with dog-eared schoolbooks, grandma’s leftover dinner, and tattered shopping bags- you’ll have a hard time kicking back and relaxing in something so oppressive and pinched. What to do?

It’s simple. Just hire a rental van!

The endless amount of space, storage, and leeway will leave you with a cornucopia of activities to try out and plan- overnight vehicle camping has never seemed so effortless! And, while you’re at it, why not try something new and experience that futuristic spice with an electric van?

You’ll have a smoother road experience, save more money on taxes, and, meanwhile, be doing your bit towards this breath-taking planet we call home. 

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