The New All Electric Volkswagen ID Buzz is Coming!

The New All Electric Volkswagen ID Buzz is Coming!

Electric vehicles are the new buzz and Volkswagen Vans is taking advantage of this wave like many other electric vehicle manufacturers. With the government support, the benefits to the environment, and the overall popularity of being socially responsible, there is no doubt that electric vehicles are here to stay. Volkswagen is taking its old campervan look and bringing it back to life in these new all electric vehicles.

At Swiss Vans  we want you to know that there are over one thousand electric vehicle charging stations in Wales. These charging stations are critical to the success of the transformation to a better life that embraces social and environmental responsibility. You can travel around Wales and neighbouring areas with ease in your own electric vehicle or one that you rent from us for your adventures.

Volkswagen has upgraded their campervan with this new ID. Buzz model releasing later this year in Europe. It won’t get to America for another year or so, but in Europe there are two models. One for personal use and the other for commercial cargo use. You can consider this electric campervan as another possibility when thinking about your choices of electric campervans or motorhomes.

It is all electric and full of new accessories, taking daily camping trips and adventures to a new level. The iconic look is fun and stylish and will certainly catch your eye. With the two-toned paint, backseat sliding doors, and plenty of room on the inside, this is the perfect vehicle for a family adventure to the beach or the mountains. For longer trips, the interior room is great for couples as they explore. Really, you can take this vehicle just about anywhere in comfort and style.

It has two glass panels on the roof to let in all that sun or to look at the stars in the evenings. There is one over the front seats and one over the back. It does not have a pop-up roof for extra space yet, but the look of the glass ceiling is very appealing. Volkswagen plan to introduce the pop-up roof in a year when they bring this model to America.

Reviews say that this new ID Buzz is very spacious on the inside. It has 39.5 cubic feet of trunk space and if you need more space, you can fold down the back seats to store larger items or even turn it into a bed. If you are traveling with a lot of stuff or need to pick up large boxes, it is easy with this campervan. It is like a tiny house on wheels. 

With a 150 kW (201 horsepower) and 229 pound-feet of torque it’s all electric motor makes for a great drive. With it you will get the speed you need to travel any country or city roads. This model come in rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and manages the road with ease. This base model picks up speed quickly and drives smoothly.

The battery power is more than 77-kWh and has a range of approximately 250 miles. The charging time on a DC Fast charger is about 30 minutes (going from 5% to 80 %). You can travel a lot of ground with that range and low charging time. There are other charging options that may take more time if you have the time, but the DC Fast charger is an excellent choice when you want to keep moving. If you want to charge at home, that will take over seven hours. 

With seating for seven and all kinds of great accessories, your trip will be smooth and comfortable. You can set the mood with adjustable ambient lighting. Configuring your front seats to suit your needs is easy with a removable centre console and adjustable armrests. There is also a massage setting for the front seats. The back seats offer fold out tables so the backseat passengers can comfortably eat or use a small laptop or tablet during the trip. 

On the dashboard is a 10-inch touchscreen that allows you to manage control settings. There will also be a 12-inch option coming. This touchscreen also serves and your electric campervan’s entertainment centre. The dashboard itself is clean and uncluttered. VW Vans added the touchscreen and took out lots of the old buttons from the dashboard. While keeping many of the iconic trademarks of the 1970 to 1990 models, they did take away the white steering wheel replacing it with a solid dark colour steering wheel.

Because we all know we go nowhere without our smartphones, this vehicle comes with at least seven USB charging ports throughout the interior. The dashboard is also designed with a lip at the edge, so your phone won’t fall off. The convenience options for gadgets of all types are throughout the interior of this great new vehicle. For those long drives, these features are essential.

Because safety is important to all of us, this electric vehicle also comes equipped with many safety and driver assistance features. Forward collision warnings and automated emergency braking and lane departure warnings come with the standard package. For an added cost you can get adaptive cruise control. The standard package comes with a good base, but even more options are available if you want to pay for them.

If you are considering a family or a couple’s nature trip, this sounds like a great all electric vehicle to try out in the area. The comfort, iconic style, and fun features will make for a good ride. Chargers are available throughout the area, so there will be no problem getting and staying charged up. Bringing back this Volkswagen bus iconic style is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Swiss Vans  wants to keep you informed about all the great new electric campervans and motorhomes that we are learning about. We want to support your camping adventures in every way we can. If you have questions about our electric vehicle options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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