The Ford E-Transit – Electric Best-selling Cargo Van

The Ford E-Transit – Electric Best-selling Cargo Van

The leading automobile company, Ford vans has come up with the future generation of smart vans with its E-Transit. This is a completely electrically functioned cargo van inspired by the world’s best vans and persists technology and features aligned with the needs of the next generation. The van consists of extensive capabilities, dealer support of 1800 international Ford dealers including 1000 from its exceptional European Network along with its signature conversion features.    

The company aims at enhancing its fleet while making space for sustainability. The zero-emission technology packed in the E-Transit makes it perfect to go green status of the company. As a result, Ford got a USPS contract to serve 9,250 Ford EVs to electrify the mail delivery fleet.

Also, the FordPass Connect Modem sets the benchmark to facilitate connectivity in order to enhance the fleet’s productivity while making charging facile and accessible. The quick updates are attempted to enhance the features and enhance their potential.

The production of the E-Transit fleet will be executed at Ford Otosan Kocaeli plant located in Turkey for its European clients however, American clients will get the fleet developed at the Claycomo plant known as Kansas City Assembly plant in Missouri. 

The Specifications & Benefits of E-Transit

E-Transit has a Pro Power Onboard that helps you harness its power as a mobile source and use a power of 2.3 kW. Customers can use this power to charge their equipment and tools on work sites.

Ford creates the European fleet specifically for the industry with highly light commercial vehicle requirements. The driving range of WLTP has a limit of 217 miles in the E-Transit commercial fleet. This range is certainly the three times the distance covered by an average European fleet driver daily.    

The best part about this automobile is its low maintenance, which means you can cut the expense up to 40% in comparison to other diesel models. Also, the vehicle comes with the optimum mileage service for a regular period within a year. 

The E-Transit comes with a standard selection of roof height, body, Gross Vehicle Mass choices, length in 25 other versions of this fleet. There is a payload of 1,616kg as estimated in the van. The classic cabs version has increased up to 1,967 kg.  The fleet will touch the market in Spring 2022 and you can harness its potential from thereon. 

World-famous automobile manufacturer Ford is bringing tech advancements fostering better linkage among its commercial vehicles.

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