The Award For “Large Van of the Year” Has Been Secured By Volkswagen Crafter For The Second Time In A Row

The Award For “Large Van of the Year” Has Been Secured By Volkswagen Crafter For The Second Time In A Row

The New Car Awards by Parkers have been announced lately and for the second time, Volkswagen has secured the Large Van award for this year.  The selection procedure was performed by a specially selected panel of expert judges.

The criteria on which Volkswagen Crafter has consecutively claimed the award were design, comfort, or the convenience and the drive. Parkers New Car Awards are certainly esteemed with extensive prestige. 

2021 Parkers New Car Awards

Every year, Parkers announce awards for automobiles (cars) in the top 15 categories. The winners are selected through a panel of expert judges, who evaluate all the participants on certain criteria created for each category.

Volkswagen Crafter has claimed this award for the second time by further embracing its ultimate utility. The automobile has been acknowledged and appreciated for its convenient use, maneuverability, design, and safety. This has also been the reason why Volkswagen Crafter has surpassed all its competitors and once again became the Large Van at 2021 Parkers awards.

The awards for new cars by Parkers are an attempt to promote and present the opinions and perspectives of the British public considering the best new automobiles in the market. A panel of specialized reviewers and judges test the participants through meticulous procedures and further finalizes the winners under specific categories. Some of the common criteria are cost-per-month, quality, value, and excellence as per the particular purpose of the vehicle. 

Important People’s Stake

The editor of Parker Vans & Pickups, CJ Hubbard states, “The award of the large van at the  2021 awards has been given to Volkswagen Crafter for the second time – and he also says that honestly, the decision was not at all tough. He states that despite having so many new entries, they couldn’t find one option, which can match the incredible convenience of Volkswagen Crafter. 

He added that it is a van, people would want to drive and is quite comfortable. The design for the cab is also spectacular, especially concerning the long journeys. Apart from all, he said, Crafter adds to the value with its stunning maneuverability that matches the requirement of stringent urban surroundings. He concluded by stating, the van has so much to offer blended perfectly well with the technology, which makes it the perfect deal.

Volkswagen Crafter- A Solution For All

Volkswagen crafter has already won multiple awards that promote its exquisite versatility, utility, and convenience. This automobile boasts a diverse collection of assistance systems made with innovative technology for drivers. Some of those are Crosswind Assist, City Emergency Braking, Park Assist, and more. This is why Volkswagen Crafter is perfect for all types of businesses.  

According to the Marketing head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Kate Thompson, they are glad about the victory of Volkswagen Crafter for the second time at Parkers Awards. She added that this victory over new rivals is exemplary that Crafter is highly popular and boasts inclusive qualities for the purpose. She said that being a brand, they aim at fostering ease to business clients through these vans. Whether they are businesses requiring larger fleets, operators with single-van requirements or SMEs requiring company vehicles, they aim at extending the ultimate driving experience. And Crafter is one of their modes to serve this purpose.

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