Tax Savings on New Vans

Time’s ticking as the financial year ends!
If your business did well and you’re thinking of investing back, our vans not only do the job but also save you money on taxes. Our team’s here to show you how, but remember to chat with your accountant for the nitty-gritty details.

🚚 Save 25p for Every £1.00 Spent

Take advantage while the tax is at 25%.

With a fresh range of New Vans, what other ways to invest than a new T6.1 from Swiss Vans before they become a Ford Transit?

Van stock goes quickly in March due to this, so stay ahead of the pact.

Full Expensing

Full expensing is a tax benefit designed for limited companies, enabling them to deduct the entire cost of new vans / certain pickups from their profits in the year of purchase. This means instead of dividing the expense over several years, the full amount can be written off immediately. This tax advantage applies to almost all of vans that are currently available in our inventory.

Own Your Vehicle Outright

Owning your vehicle outright or through a 24-60 month plan grants full control over your asset, allowing for 100% VAT offset & full tax deduction in the first year, boosting your EBITDA without the restrictions of leasing or renting.

Rising value & prices

Moreover, with vehicle values climbing as they reach end-of-line status and interest rates easing, now is an ideal time to invest in a new Bespoke VW, Ranger, or New Ford from Swiss Vans, with more stock available.

In profits this year? Want to reduce taxes with a New Van?

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Tax Reductions Form

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