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Choose from a range of T6 Styling options or styling packages on all our New T6 at Swiss.
Order a complete kit fitted, mix and match, its all down to you. What we can do to a van is limited only by your imagination and budget.
We have a range of demonstration ?vans with these items fitted if you want to see in the flesh first.

Front Styling Choices?
1. WASP 1 – Splitter is out original ?T6 splitter. Its quite low but a classic design. These are fast to fit and look like part of the van
2. WASP 2 and ABT- More dramatic design requires a longer fitting time of say a week minimum.
3. T6 Genuine Sportline- The controversial genuine VW Front Splitter
4. T6 Swiss Sport Splitter- New for 2017 – images soon
5. T6 Sport 2 Mini Splitter ?- New for 2017- Choice of colour variations
6. T6 WASP 3 Splitter – New for 2017

T6 Side Styling Options