Transporter gets taken to the dark side!

Transporter gets taken to the dark side!

Transporter gets taken to the dark side!

Transporter gets taken to the dark side!

We at Swiss are always looking at ways to provide and enhance the drivers experience, With our latest addition…We have done just that with mobile gaming. 

Thats right! We are taking that gaming experience you all love and putting it into something you love even more….Transporters! VW Transporter Sportline

We have taken our very own Transporter Sportline and installed an Xbox 360 with all the trimmings. We are giving you the opportunity to enjoy your favourite games on the go!

Wether you are a zombie killing hero or the best striker in the world.. The options are literally endless!


We have installed our Xbox into this beauty ^ and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Although it wasn’t the easiest to set up, Our professional fitting team soon tackled the task and we were gaming in no time. We at Swiss are massive Call of Duty fans so it would be rude not to indulge in the likes of the newest instalment to the series “Ghosts”. Below is an image of Ghosts up and running in our Transporter Sportline.


Call of Duty in my Transporter? Really? Can I play with friends?

Yes you can! We have successfully connected online and have been gaming with people all over the world!

If your lucky enough to be within WiFi range you can connect your Xbox console and begin gaming online… But remember the  services dont stop there.

As a lot of you gamers will know, Consoles these days are not limited to just gaming. Consoles are essentially media systems these days as they are used for more than just gaming.

You could be watching your favourite movies, Listening to your favourite music, Downloading your favourite Apps…The list is endless and thats why we are proud to bring this service to our valued customers!


Above is an image of the Xbox up and running in the Transporter Sportline displaying on our very own drop-down DVD player exclusive to Swissvantek. Check it our here.

Running in 720HD the display is beautiful! To think that this gaming experience can be enjoyed anywhere you please is simply fantastic!


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