Swiss Vans Ltd – Who we are and what we do

Swiss Vans Ltd – Who we are and what we do

Swiss Vans – Who we are and what we do?

Swiss Vans has over 20 years in the business of selling vans. In 2000, the company, under the management of Ian Hill, branched commercial van trading and since then has sold more than 10,000 vans to UK and EU customers.

Swiss Vans is deemed the top commercial van seller in the UK. The company continually upgrades its stock of in-demand and highly popular commercial vans. Due to its strong ties with van manufacturer and other van suppliers, Swiss Vans is the right place to look for a rare or highly in-demand van. Due to Swiss Vans’ large stock, prices are very competitive compared to other UK van dealers.

Through its online arm Van Sales and associated social media sites, customers and potential-customers are updated on new stocks, new offers and promotions. Swiss Vans is a one-stop van shop as it also offers van financing and other related services.

vivaro sportive double cab

Vauxhall Vivaro Double Cab Sportive

citroen dispatch leaseCitroen Dispatch L2H1 Enterprise

Finance Lease – Swiss Vans Ltd has van finance lease options for various vans on low deposit and low monthly payments.

ford transit customFord Transit Custom SWB Double Cab in Van Limited

Peugeot PartnerPeugeot Partner Van

Non-Status Contract Hire – For businesses and individuals rejected by leasing companies, Swiss Vans offers non-status contract hire.

VW Transporter Highline Non Status

Volkswager Transporter Highline Kombi

VW Transporter HighlineVW Transporter Startline

Parts Exchange – Customers can part exchange their used vans as down payment for a new van.

citroen relay enterprise Citroen Relay 5M Luton Van

Ford Transit Custom LWB 290 - LimitedFord Transit Custom LWB 290 Limited

Used Vans – For sale at Swiss Vans Ltd are used vans in good condition.

VW caddy Lease

Used VW Caddy Panel 2011

 used caddy maxi kombi 2013 used

Used VW Caddy MAxi Kombi 2013

Short Term Lease – For those looking for a van to use for a limited time only, Swiss Vans offers vans fro short terms lease.

For gadgets and other van accessories, check out  Swiss Van Tek.

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