Swiss Vans check out the CV show!

Swiss Vans check out the CV show!

We at Swiss Vans consider ourselves very lucky this week as we had the opportunity to see what the van industry has to bring to the table…and this year they did impress!!!. The first stall you come to as you arrive is the “F1” stall and straight away you realise why the crowd had gathered.

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The Renault R26 is a Formula One racing car, used by the Renault F1 team in the 2006 Formula One season. The car was driven by Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella. Over the course of the season it scored 8 wins out of 18 races, and was the most complete package in most of the year, followed closely by the rival Ferrari 248 F1. The R26 helped Renault in claiming the Constructors’ Championship with a 5-point advantage over rival Ferrari, and also taking Fernando Alonso to his second Drivers’ Championship in succession, 13 points ahead of rival Michael Schumacher. It brought the last Constructors Championship in recent history to tyre manufacturer Michelin.

In other news Ford Vans have brought a lot to the party this year, the most eye catching for Swiss Vans was what we believe to be the answer to the monumental Transporter California.


At the rear, plenty of space with storage compartments in the floor and side panel.


Complete with cooking services, Hob, Sink,kettle ,microwave and various other appliances, this vehicle is fit for any weekend trip or long jouneys in general.


Leather seats in the front and rear, pull out table.


Alloy wheels, raised roof (sleeps up to 2 people)

Another eye catching vehicle coming from Renault is the “Traffic”


Its a surprisingly good looking vehicle for a van and comes loaded with lots of features!


Up to 47.9 MPG for a van of this size is something to brag about.


More updates and pictures from this awesome event coming very soon! In the meantime check out our range of vans we have to offer!

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