Swiss Vans brings you the Vanorak!

Swiss Vans brings you the Vanorak!

Swiss Vans brings you the Vanorak! are always looking at ways to make the most out of your vehicle, now we bring you the  Vanorak.
It also fits the Mercedes Vito Sport  and Transit Custom.

The Vanorak is a storage device that sits behind the rear wheel arches of the much loved Transporter. It does not fit the VW Caddy 
and the rest of the VW commercial range

Swiss Vans brings you the Vanorak

Ideal for carrying your shopping safe and secure back and forth the workplace/home, removable sections can be taken away to free up extra space.

Hard waterproof plastic makes it robust and strong enough to secure your cargo in all weather conditions.

Swiss Vans brings you the Vanorak

The only storage device of its kind, this is for sure an item that will be popular amongst tradesmen and people in general who transport luggage/shopping using their Transporter.

Swiss Vans brings you the Vanorak

The very first Vanorak was only manufactured this month and it has already attracted Magazine and Transporter enthusiasts attention. Its easy to see why with its unique design and great value for money. Its safe to say the Vanorak will gain even more media attention once its officially released.

Swiss Vans brings you the Vanorak

With the additional removable panels, you can either use them for storing wine and various other bottles safely and securely.

You can store documents or alternatively remove all panels and use the full volume of the Vanorak, maximising storage capacity. The Vanorak is the ideal accessory for people trying to maximise storage capacity and keeping cargo neat and tidy.


The unique design fits like a glove perfectly behind the rear wheel arches with no looseness or movement, its as if the device was manufactured prior to the Volkswagen Transporters release.

More information and release details will be announced very soon! keep an eye on the Swiss Vans face book page and blog to keep updated on the progression of the Volkswagen Vanorak.

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