Swiss Vans brings you Octoberhunt!

Swiss Vans brings you Octoberhunt!


Hi all
A game that some of you might like
It involves quite a bit of driving but should be a lot of fun in 2015
and you should have the T5 adventure of a lifetime!Octoberhunt 2014 
We are driving down to Morocco in October and while there will bury 5 Capsules in the Atlas Mountains
Some capsules contain nothing
One contains £5000
Anyone is welcome to join us but not when we are digging!

More than likely some other sponsorship too and other capsules
Check out website and Facebook for clues to where the capsules
If you think you know where the Treasure is buried
Enter the competition. A small nominal entry fee on the website

Take your T5 down from the UK down to Morocco where we will be waiting
And the one who retrieves the capsule(s) wins the prize

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with everything Octoberhunt!

Swissvans Facebook for details and clues

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