It is Time to Spring Clean Your Van?

It is Time to Spring Clean Your Van?

Time to Spring Clean Your VanSpring Cleaning Guide to Get Your Van Ready

It is Time to Spring Clean Your Van? With its extreme frigid temperature, salted and icy roads, snow, sleet, mud and potholes, winter is undoubtedly the harshest season for vehicles! Spring brings in a new hope not only for mankind and their houses but for their vehicles as well. It is time to spring clean your van to undo winter’s damage!

The Institute of Advanced Motorists recommends the following ways to prepare your van for warmer weather.

Wash the Underside

Salt is corrosive and wintertime driving definitely coated the bottom of your van with salt and grime. Corrosion means rust and rust means further depreciation in value of the van on top of its being dangerous to drive. It is best to take your vehicle to car wash that specialises in underside power wash. Or, you can try to use a car jack to raise the vehicle and hose it down with a garden hose. There is no need to use a special cleaner or soap to wash the undercarriage.

Open the bonnet and wipe clean the engine using soft mitt and soapy water. Check the battery for any sign of corrosion (crusty white residue) and remove it using a toothbrush, water and baking soda.

Clean the Interior and Exterior

Start by ridding the van of accumulated trash then dry vacuum the van from the top down. A steam cleaner is best to remove the salt from van’s flooring/carpeting. Wash the van inside and out as sand and salt can damage the van’s paint. After a thorough cleaning, wax the van. Remember to never wash or wax a vehicle under direct sunlight.

The bottom of doors can get coated with grime so remember to scrub them. Clean the windows and apply silicone spray to lubricate the surface for smooth operation, and to repel dirt.

Replace Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are excessively used during the winter months. They need to be replaced as old blades leave scratch marks on the windscreen. This is also the time to replace the van’s pollen filter as pollen season is high. Servicing the van’s air-conditioning is highly advisable to ensure that it is mould-free. A well-maintained air-conditioner will also help your van to smell better.

Check the Van’s Fluids

The cold weather can especially deplete wiper fluid, so refill. The fly season is at hand and you might have to clean your windscreen every so often. Oil change is mandatory every 5,000 miles no matter what the season is. Check the level of transmission and brake fluids too. Keep your van topped up with anti-freeze all year round as it inhibits corrosion and protects the engine from damages.

Check Tyres

Winter roads can be quite taxing on your van’s tyres so check your wheel and tyre alignment as misaligned tyres wear out faster. Rotate the wheels before undergoing alignment and in some cases, tyre cambering. Check the tyre pressure as cold weather can under inflate them. Check the tread to make sure that they are up to the required standard depth (1.6mm) and that they wearing evenly.

Winter tyres are safe for cold weather as it provide better traction and grip in cold and icy conditions. If you have been using winter tires, it is important to switch to regular tires in spring. Mercedes Vito Sport and other rear-wheel drive vans require extra caution.

While you’re at it, you might want to drop a bottle of fuel-system cleaner into the fuel tank.

Spring maintenance for your car is crucial for safety, efficiency, and longevity. Winter weather can negatively impact your car’s performance and safety, making it essential to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season. Hope this spring cleaning guide will help you to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming spring.

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