Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport WASP


Future Sponsorship and Charity work 2020 2021

Sponsorship now open for 2021

We are happy to look at sponsorship deals for a successful sports club and teams based in the UK who already enjoy TV coverage .
Please drop us a line to discuss suitability. The vehicles would typically be supplied for six months or even a year at a time.

We are also happy to look at sponsoring individual personalities that can offer Swiss something back in return that will lead to growth.

Dark Skies Wales

Dark Skies Wales Sponsorship 2021

Education & Astro Tourism Wales

Providing astro education and astro tourism to rural Wales. Don’t just camp under the stars but explore them from your camper van
See more on Dark Skies

Dark Skies is run by Alan Trow who drives a VW T6.1 Kombi

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