Sky Joins Emission-Free Mobility with Mercedes-Benz eVito

Sky Joins Emission-Free Mobility with Mercedes-Benz eVito

Sky Joins Emission-Free Mobility with Mercedes-Benz eVito

Sky, an industry-leading entertainment company, purchased eleven brand-new Mercedes-Benz eVito electrified vans in its bid to meet net zero carbon goals by 2030. The latest electric panel models feature the latest technologies, enhancing its mileage and speed of charging.

The recently bought e-vans will serve as transport vehicles for engineers providing TV and broadband services for clients across the UK.

Going zero

Sky, UK’s renowned media and entertainment powerhouse, added eleven Mercedes-Benz eVito vans as part of its #GoZero campaign. This move aims to fulfill the company’s sustainability targets that align with the country’s carbon neutrality goal of the country by 2030. The use of electric panel vans supports Sky’s 15-year plan to reduce its environmental impact effectively.

Purchased through Midlands Truck and Van, a Mercedes-Benz Vans dealer, Sky acquired the units to reach emission-free mobility for its fleet operations. The firm aims to decrease its carbon footprint by at least half in the next seven years.

Sky fleet operations manager Lorraine McNiven commented that choosing eVito enabled the company to fully take a greener path. The e-van is a 100% electrified model and has the ideal size and features matching the engineer’s needs.

McNiven also emphasized that the electric panel van offers a great workspace for employees who travel to service customers in different parts of the UK. She mentioned that Sky can bank on the confidence provided by the top-quality Mercedes-Benz manufacturing.

Introducing the eVito

The eVito electric panel van is the latest model among the brand’s outstanding product line. It is fully electric and capable of going further compared to other models. The extended range capability of this model meets the daily average mileage of European drivers, which is about 62 miles per day.

Introduced as the eVito 66kWh, the e-van uses a 66kWh lithium-ion battery and rapid charging feature; charging 10-80% in only 35 minutes. A full charge from 0% to 100% is estimated to last for 6 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the power available and other factors like temperature and type of cable.

Introducing the eVito

The e-van can handle a generous payload of up to 807kg, which is one of the main reasons why Sky chose this model. It also has other excellent features like an active brake assist and double locks, among others, to ensure the safety of the driver and passenger.

Rob Hannam, Unipart Logistics head of fleet, lauded the eVito for its suitability in carrying out Sky service operations. As engineers head to customers’ location, they are expected to bring equipment and tools that require ample room in the transport vehicle, making eVito an obvious choice.

Unipart Logistics, a repair and customer support service partner for Sky, is one of the suppliers that can benefit from this purchase. Hannam stated that this unit can provide comfort, safety, and excellent handling for drivers, which they appreciate. He also underlined the role of the new vehicle as a great way to reduce Sky’s carbon emission to net zero.

Bespoke enhancements

Sky enlisted the help of Bott, a van racking and conversion company in Leicestershire, to incorporate more features that improve the performance of the vehicle. The team provided customized racking and an effective telematics system requested by Sky for its new fleet.

The eleven eVito electric panel vans also have eye-catching graphic wraps that distinguish them as a Sky vehicle. The design includes the hashtag #GoZero, which is the company’s tagline for its sustainability strategies and goals. This aesthetic feature is made to be easily recognized by the public and inspires people to set their green ambitions as well.

Mercedes-Benz UK fleet business manager Carol Kirk lauded Sky’s decision to buy eVito units from the Midlands and South dealership. She expressed delight for the broadband company’s top-tier choice, which works best for their repairs and customer service visits. She mentioned that the e-van has all the equalities they need: extensive range, practicality, and zero carbon emissions, above all.

Bespoke enhancements

Kirk added that many businesses, sole traders, and even the bigger corporations choose the latest eVito 6kWh model. It is a testament to the vehicle’s capacity in handling different work situations. The e-van’s excellent market performance reflects how the Mercedes-Benz brand dominates in terms of innovation and quality.

Preparations for the turnover

Kirk also praised the Midlands Truck & Van team headed by ben Redding for offering their unwavering support for Hannam and the other key parties involved in the purchase. The dealership oversaw preparing and delivering the eVito units to Bott. Thereafter, the team will handle the full handover of the vans that are ready for Sky engineers’ usage.

The MBV business manager also stated that the Midlands team is tasked with presenting a thorough product overview. This information includes driving tips and charging guides to maximize the power and capacity of the electric vans. The experts will provide in-depth knowledge on electric mobility and the salient features of eVito that can help improve Sky’s services.

E-vans work similarly to fuel-run vehicles, but they ultimately help save on taxes and gas. The biggest benefit is the significant reduction in carbon emissions that endanger the environment. What new e-van users need to learn is how to care for the unit and make the investment worthwhile. These pointers are what the dealer imparts to Sky’s engineers who will use the eVito vans as their transport vehicle.

Electric fleets: the better choice

One of the reasons that individuals and businesses struggle to switch to electric vehicles is the associated high cost in purchasing the unit. However, plenty of studies support the idea that the long-term benefits of e-vehicles far outweigh the initial investment.

With the government’s efforts, more buyers are seeing the advantages of e-vans and other 100% fully electric vehicles. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the light commercial vehicle market increased its size by 17.3% in March 2023. Of this figure, 5.3% belong to the electric van market segment.

Electric fleets: the better choice

A 5% share may not seem much, but it is already a significant number that emphasizes the rise of the electric vehicle market. Battery-powered electric vans saw a 32.7% increase in sales in March 2023 compared to March 2022. A total of 2,534 e-van units were sold within that period.

Industry experts believe that electric van sales can still further improve since the UK government is implementing its zero net carbon goal in full force. The launch of the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure fund sees the government investing £381 million to reach its targets. It also allotted £15 million for the installation of new charges across the nation via the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme.

With the full support of the government, establishments and car owners switching to EVs are likely to reap tax incentives, discounts, and other monetary benefits. It can mean more savings in the future, especially since the running costs for e-vans and other e-vehicles are only a fraction of what a person spends on fuel.

However, the biggest and most important factor that makes electrified vehicles the better choice is their clear environmental benefits. According to EDF Energy, a single electric car can potentially save an estimate of 1.5 million grams of carbon dioxide. The UK can reduce CO2 emissions of several million tonnes once residents make the switch.

Sky’s #GoZero drive

The green ambition of Sky extends to its global network of suppliers, promising to achieve the net zero carbon target by 2030. To do so, the company is going all-out in its efforts, including purchasing the new eVito units to add to its fleet.

The entertainment and broadband firm announced its net-zero commitment in February 2020, followed by a series of improvements in its operations. In July 2020, the company began to transform a more sustainable its TV and film production site. In the same year, Sky managed to partner with other key players and accept awards for media companies prioritizing sustainable development goals.

Sky’s #GoZero drive

In August 2022, Sky became one of the few UK companies to use all-electric private buses for their employees. It’s a vivid demonstration of the firm’s bid to becoming a sustainability leader. Over the past twelve months, its Sky Zero strategy will reach greater heights as it nears the completion of the world’s most eco-friendly studios.

To date, Sky has introduced more than 150 plug-in hybrid e-vans to its engineering fleet. The addition of eleven 100% fully electric eVito models further cemented the company’s indispensable role in pushing environmental sustainability for the media sector.

The firm offers Sky Glass, the first CarbonNeutral certified TV in the world. It comes in recyclable packaging that their team can take away for the customer and recycle to rid of waste. The company also claims that the manufacturing process is devoid of any single-use plastic. In addition, Sky offsets its remaining emissions by investing in projects under renewable energy generation.

Businesses in the UK and across the globe can follow Sky’s dedication in reaching net zero targets. It’s a great option even for non-consumer-facing enterprises like delivering manufactured goods since electric vans cut emissions on long-haul journeys by a significant fraction.

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