Sick and Tyred – The UK’s Growing Van Theft Problem 

Sick and Tyred – The UK’s Growing Van Theft Problem 

An infelicitous fact: Campervan theft is on the rise. But why? 

For starters, to say that this choice of vehicle carries about a certain appeal is a huge understatement; in this day and age, luxury or staycation vehicles are indisputably one of the major wheeled targets that criminals tend to keep their eyes peeled for. This, to us, is unequivocally no surprise- a portable house, with minimum security measures and lacking in the minimum precautions? To a common burglar, it’s a no-brainer. 

Furthermore, with modern-day technology continuously progressing and becoming increasingly more accessible to the public, taking advantage of electrically-wired appliances has never been so easy. Whether you’re a good old fashioned classic lover, or rather partial to the luxuries of a contemporary lifestyle, a vehicle without security is without a doubt similar to that of an elephant in a bright red car- it’s impossible to divert your eyeline, almost as if it’s inviting you in…

Got a nasty feeling that your campervan maintains a rather exiguous level of security? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. However, it’s essential that you don’t stay there, for the sake of that vehicle you undoubtedly put so much time and effort into. And, with these pivotal tips and statistics, you’ll be on your way to not only understanding the common criminal’s train of thought, but gaining a good grasp on how to play that upper hand…

The Stone-Cold Facts

Here’s a punch to the gut: approximately 45% of campervans lack a basic alarm system, with a further meagre 6% of campervan owners installing trackers within their motorhomes. Why? For starters, several reasons that come to mind. Perhaps lack of time, equipment, knowledge or even financial support? Regardless, whisking away that van  in the dead of night has never seemed so opportune, and, as demand for a house-on-wheels begins to routinely increase. Unfortunately, the move to a new era brings along the unwanted baggage- crime. And then some more. 

The trouble is, for these young and inexperienced travellers, journeying to strange and unfamiliar lands and territories unimpeachably increases their vulnerability- no geographical familiarity can often deliver the finishing blow when it comes to falling victim to crime. Take, for example, a licence plate, displaying that the owner is out of state. And….dimple! Just like this, that chance of you falling prey to some unlawful offence increases insurmountably. Not to worry, though; we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help keep you on the low when hitting the road!

It’s a 24-7 Party!

Keeping on the odd light or so is always a good idea when it comes to keeping the criminals at bay. Making it look as if you are awake and about is a good deterrent; usually, petty burglars don’t want to risk a run-in with the owner of the stolen goods- waiting for the opportune moment is key. Keeping a small light on standby or perhaps cranking up the radio can significantly reduce your chance of falling into the eyeline of a potential intruder. The Ford Transit Custom has been upgraded in the last few years to reduce this problem

Upping that security

Got a lock on your campervan front door? Congratulations, you’re officially halfway there! Unfortunately, keeping your motorhome locked down and tight doesn’t necessarily end here. Having your vehicle equipped with the proper alarm system can go a thousand miles in the service of protection- especially if your system is out in the open, visible and rather conspicuous. From bright wheel clamps and ear-piercing alarms, to concealed trackers, embracing the world of technologically-aided security has never been so convenient!
It will be interesting to see how the New Ford Ranger security has changed when it is launched shortly.

Tracking Devices

Installing that covert little gadget under the bonnet of your campervan is extremely recommended when it comes to circumvention of petty theft. While invisible, and therefore not a deterrent, they are found to be highly popular in the market nowadays, due to unwavering accuracy and excellent levels of technicality. Installing a trustworthy, high-quality tracking device will most certainly have you on the way to tightening down on the things you love. 


Less of a technological option, and more of a deterrent by brute force, immobilisers work by refusing false-engine starts and, fortunately for one, your converted campervan almost certainly has one. All vans built after 1998 adhere to the standard of a pre-fitted immobiliser to guarantee you the very best safety that money can buy. 

Geographical Choice

It’s no secret that certain areas within the UK have high levels of crime rate and petty theft, while others are reported to be relatively safe. Using common sense when looking for a place to park has never been so imperative. We highly recommend doing your research prior overnight trips and working out good areas of choice to avoid. In this day and age, staying out of crime’s crossfire is imperative when it comes to keeping yourself safe. Besides, more times than most, even this is no guarantee to a smooth and easy travel experience. 

From break clamps to extra front locks, there are most certainly a cornucopia of options when it comes to making the best choice for your second home. Consider this a necessary measure, or investment, in regards to keeping that backyard pride and joy safe and secure. 

Locking Up

In fact, when it comes to the topic of backyards, consider locking your campervan behind a sturdy garden barrier or gate- not only does this serve an essential layer of protection but, depending on the gate size, can also contribute towards keeping your vehicle out of eyesight. On the other hand, we are strong believers of convenient security- how much will certain levels of protection affect your day-to-day life. By always keeping your doors barred and bolted, consider what problems this may give heed to, for example, the now increased difficulty of receiving that door package. The VW Transporter is still the most popular Campervan

A final word

Here, at Swiss Vans  we want you to know that we have your best interests at heart. Whether you are travelling through beautiful Wales, or simply looking for an appropriate place to park, we are here to assist through every means possible. If you have a query, or some kind of security issue, we are without question, the people to trust. Don’t hesitate to head on down to our website, or maybe even give us a call! In this day and age, talking to nature has never been easier!
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