Sell your van | Part Exchange with Swiss Vans

PX You Van even if its still on finance. It doesn’t even have to have been bought from us.
1. Step 1.
Ring your finance company and get them to send you a written settlement figure. We wont do any work till then.
The hardest part about changing you van is getting you to obtain a written settlement figure. If we could do it ourselves  we would sell 10 times as many vans. Its human nature to keep plodding on paying the monthly payment rather than do a  bit of phone work and get an incredible new van for a similar payment. We cannot start any figures without a settlement figure. Many finance companies take and hour on phone to deter you as they loose money if you settle.
We can get your settlement figure for you, if you dont have time or patience to get one. Its via a legal document thats £300 + VAT payable upfront whether or not we sell you a vehicle on a debit card only.
We need your origional passport and driving licence. Free return !
send some biscuits too !. Its no faster but we like you more !

2. Then give us a call Monday to Friday with your settlement figure and what you are currently paying per month. All we need is a settlement figure and we can get to work. We cant do anything apart from be nice without a settlement figure.

3. We will search stock and offer you van that your happy with with a change over date normally within 2 weeks of you returning your order form to us and proofs of address.
We can do factory orders but of course your van will loose value and you will inevitably pay more

4. We send an engineer to inspect your van and take £149 + VAT from your card which is not refundable
They will check the milage, keys and service history . Many customers mislead dealers to the vehicle condition. It seems innocent but its a legal transaction and since you are the seller you are bound by a lot of rules. Same as when we sell you a van. It ensures we can stand on the offer for your van. And it means we can invoice you if you have misdescribed the vehicle.
If you have mislead us with the condition, service history, damage, number of keys etc we will increase the payments accordingly  but this of course will mean a new finance application and a longer delivery.
Or simply walk away £149 + VAT lighter but much wiser on how to describe you vehicle condition.

5. If the vehicle is a basic van we will usually deliver it free of charge to your home. If its having complcated Swiss HQ fits done then it will often be delivered to us instead of you so we can do the fits. Some Ford are delivered to us where the dealers have poor service. You can pay extra for a second delivery but its cheaper to get a lift.
6. We buy nice vans too without PX

Grow Your Fleet Expand Your Business 
1. Swiss Vans can finance anything from a van to a racehorse. We are an asset finance company.
2. Give us a call and we can finance anything. New vans, used vans, your existing van with a balloon, a digger, a CNC machine, anything even camper van finance.
3. Ask for a credit limit, and its usually held for six months so you can add to your fleet
within this time easily.
4. We stock or can get almost any van
5. We can fit or get fitted almost any extra

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