Sell My Van

We Take All PX

It needs to be road worthy for our drivers to take it away. Must be a valid MOT. Good tyres. Please have your settlement ready so not to waste time.

Non Roadworthy

We can take even non roadworthy vehicles with a lorry. The price of the lorry is subtracted from your PX . You could owe us money if its an old banger worth a grand!

Settle Existing Finance

Before we can work prices we NEED your settlement figure. We cannot obtain this for you. TIP! Getting your settlement from you is the slowest part of process to do a PX deal. Get this first !

Buy Stock Vans

We buy stock vans from customers. The sort of thing we buy tends to be under 4 years old and 60,000 miles with good history and accident free

Accurate Description

Once a vehicle is purchased an engineer will visit you at home to make sure your description was accurate. Take pictures and videos, check for damage.

Surrender Early

In some cases people surrender their PX early in the case of a factory order. And buy a banger or rent from us. Avoiding their monthly payment while they wait.

We pay top top prices for vans that we can retail. We are fantastic buyers of vans similar to what we sell from new.. 
We will take ANY van in PX as long as its roadworthy for our drivers with an MOT 
If its not roadworthy we can still take it away on a trailer
We settle any existing  finance on your old vehicle
Swiss Vans are on many sell your PX platforms as great buyers.
We especially like to buy electric vans, VW Transporter, Ford Double Cabs VW Amarok, Mercedes Vito 
Up to 4 years 80K 

Sell Your Van

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