Save money at the pumps!

Save money at the pumps!

Make the most of your fuel with these quick and easy steps!

Save money at the pumps with us, Swiss Vans has a fuel calculator on all of its vehicles advertised, this will help you understand the running costs per year.


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In today’s economy, petrol prices are even higher than ever before. While it used to take less than £20 to fill a gas tank, today many vehicles take £50 and higher. Learning how to save fuel is on the mind of every driver out there.




There are actually several ways you can save fuel without doing any modifications to your vehicle. Economy vehicles are a great thing to have when running around town, but most of them are not comfortable to transport a family in, or to take a vacation in. Regardless of the size of your vehicle, you can learn how to save fuel with just a few easy to make changes.

Many people believe that running the air conditioner burns more fuel. While it does decrease fuel mileage, driving with the windows down burns more fuel than running the air conditioner. When the windows are rolled down the vehicle must work harder against the drag of the airflow that goes through the windows. So, if you are too warm, turn the air conditioner on low and forget the fresh air through the windows.


Save money at the pumps


Save money at the pumps: Keep your foot off the pedal. Did you know that it is much more economical to drive 55 mpg over 65 mph? Statistics say that for every 5 miles you drive over 55 you lose approximately 21 cents per gallon. Of course, this is not true for every car, but you can easily determine the speed at which your vehicle gets the best fuel mileage. Keep track of the speeds you drive and how many miles you have driven. This is best started on a full tank of fuel. Most people will find their best gas mileage ranges from 40 mph to 60 mph.


Save money at the pumps


Use your brakes wisely. Don’t run up to a red light or stop sign then apply a lot of pressure to your breaks. Instead, look ahead and determine that you are going to have to stop. Then start slowly applying pressure to your brakes and slowly come to a stop. On the same token, do not hit the gas when you start off again. Slowly apply the gas and gradually increase your speed. This is not only helps you save fuel, it also helps you further the life of your engine.


Save money at the pumps


When you change your oil, fill your tank and add a fuel additive treatment. This will help you clean the jets in you engine and help keep your fuel economy at a maximum.

With these simple steps you will discover how to save fuel and give a longer life to your vehicle.

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