Failing to acknowledge the sturdiness, authenticity and secured advancements of the Mercedes-Benz Vito in its commodious and adaptable vans would be a shame. Marking their 25 years of successful existence, the resourceful van comes with Rear Cross Traffic Alert in combination with Blind Spot Assist. Not only did they introduce facelift recently, but they also accommodated various safety tools for the vans, which will be seen mentioned below. 

Safety Features of Mercedes Benz Vito

Acting as a pioneer for the luxurious yet flexible innovators of the vehicle industry, Mercedes- Benz has been able to sell 1.8 million vans since they first coined their existence in 1996. Setting new safety standards, Mercedes initiated the instalment of auto emergency braking helps to apply breaks to reduce the possibility of a car crash in a high traffic area with the blind spot assist, which supports when changing lanes.

Not only these vans are economical and strong, but they accommodate the usage of every kind of driver, making it more alluring to the buyers. With the attractive outerwear, these vehicles operate with eight airbags and an alert to make drivers and passengers wear seat belts.

In situations that are more prone to accidents, the system sets in motion to protect the people in the car by tensioning the seatbelts, closing windows and initiating the opening of airbags.

Another feature is an attention assist which, in case of detecting drowsiness of the driver, activates an alert that makes sure that the driver doesn’t doze off.  The operating crosswind assist feature reduces stress on the driver to counter-steer working on the electronic stability program. The attractive part of the van is the introduction of 4-cylinder diesel, and it is within the budget of the average user. 

The four-cylinder OM 654 diesel engines is a feature we all have been waiting to get our hands-on, which not only runs on low consumption but also provides a smooth drive.  The system also reduces the effect of wind with the extra usage of fuel and issue a warning signal in case of deflated tyres.

They also come with LED high-performance headlamps that work efficiently during the night, providing a better vision. The fog lamp in the system helps to distribute light evenly on the road to enhance the driving experience and reduce the chances of accidents.

Furthermore, active parking assist helps in operational parking where it’s tough to adjust the placement of the van. It also helps in detecting parking space at a speed of 30 km/h. The system works on ultrasonic sensors at the front and back.

Its Airmatic system helps in adapting to the different environmental conditions in accordance with the situation. The large wide-angled exterior mirrors help in making on-spot decisions of changing lanes or merging them. It helps them allocate the blind spot, diminishing collisions with other vehicles and providing control over the driving spot. 

Considering the growth potential of this company, until now, it has managed to introduce three-generation advances, which are continuously being upgraded with time. These vehicles can be tailored in any way to accommodate a different kind of drivers and their usage.

The luxurious yet compliant build of this vehicle is a well- balanced price-performance ratio. By making different lengths available to the buyers, it was also called the “the vehicle of the year’ in 2005.

 In the revolutionising era, Mercedes-Benz making its vehicles more automated on modernized technology made it a huge success for the people who are accustomed to living a lavish yet comfortable lifestyle. In this hustle-bustle of life, the ease of transport is seen as the top priority when it comes to getting a vehicle which not only helps in getting to one place securely but also, providing additional benefits to operate businesses while stuck in heavy traffic or involved in a late-night trip to a meeting.

Launching a 7-inch touch screen helps in not only ease of operating the tools in the car but also reduces the risk of accidents as its harder to use a remote to control settings while driving. The visual and vocal sensors help in easing the drive as drivers can demand the services without taking their eyes off the road.

It can be seen that in the future, Mercedes-Benz will continue to work on the betterment of the usage of the Vito and will keep maintaining its high-class standards as one of the best operational vehicles worldwide.

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