Unveiling the Safety Features on New Vans

Safety Features on New Vans

Unveiling the Safety Features on New Vans

If you have a large family you already know that most cars are not large enough to transport all of your family. You need extra room for seating and you also need room for things such as luggage, groceries, and sports articles. Many large families look to purchase a van that gives them the extra room they need to live the lifestyle they choose. This blog showcases the cutting-edge safety features on new vans that ensure safety on the road.

Safety Features on New Vans

Let’s go through the cutting-edge technologies and safety features like Side Impact Rating, Electronic Stability Control, Child Seat Lower Anchorage and many more.

Side Impact Rating:

Impact of Side Impact Rating Testing
When considering a van purchase, new van safety features are important for you and your family. Some of those safety features include a side impact rating. This rating tells you what kind of damage you can expect should somebody hit your van in the side. The ratings are usually on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the safest.

Older vans did not sustain side impacts very well. There was not a lot of reinforcement in the doors and side panel to provide safety for those inside. The newer vans have been built to withstand a stronger side impact with less damage to the vehicle all while providing better safety for those who are riding inside.

Electronic Stability Control:

Electronic stability control offers the driver confidence because it provides better stability when travelling down the road. Because vans are usually taller and built different from a car, they are often affected by high winds. High winds make driving difficult because it feels like you are being pushed around. Keeping your vehicle stable and on the right side of the road is very important for your safety. Electronic stability control is one of the new van safety features that help you maintain control of the vehicle at all times.


Child Seat Lower Anchorage:

Other new van safety features include child seat lower anchorage. With laws in place that require children under a certain age to ride in a child seat, many of the older vans did not offer the ease of anchoring a child seat. Newer vans have placed the child seat anchors in a better position to provide secure connections. In the event of a crash, newer vans have been shown to have a much better survival rate, as well as helping to prevent injury.

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Final Thoughts

We all want to drive a vehicle that keeps our family safe. You never know when you might be involved in an accident so it is important that you do all you can to keep your family safe. You should be conscious about the security features of your vans as well. New van safety and security features will give you the peace of mind you need to know that your family is protected in the case of an emergency. Despite having technologically advanced vans you should also be concerned about van insurance to be prepared for the emergency.

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