Rest and Relaxation… as Far as the Eye Van See

Rest and Relaxation… as Far as the Eye Van See

When life’s got you holding back tyres, SAIC Maxus is on your side!

An indubitable fact: We all desperately need that holiday.

Whether it be from those interminable, mundane work hours, ceaseless stress, or the incessant pit-pattering and howling of infamous English rain against your window panes, we understand that it can be strenuous to appreciate the beauty of life when the going gets tough.

White-powdered beaches and cocktails, whilst congenial and pleasant-sounding to one’s ear, are hard to make a reality amidst that hectic work schedule. However, opting for an entirely different solution can mean those travel plans are significantly less demanding, exorbitant, and troublesome… but where does that solution lie?

The answer, of course, lies in domestic camping. The good news? SAIC Maxus has had your back since 2011, honing its craft for over a decade in order to give you the nature-based experience you truly deserve.

A (Not Too!) Brief History of Origin

Before joining SAIC Maxus in 2010, LDV, one of the oldest automotive companies in the world, was independently one of Europe’s prized successes, revolutionising public vehicles since 1896. Through their excellent customer sales, consistently met, superlative standards, and high-quality production, they have successfully solidified their memorability within the public eye as the go-to choices for various notable UK services across the country.

Now, fast forward to 2010, when SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (formerly Shanghai Automobile and Industrial Corporation), obtained the LDV branch (included in the commercial vehicle sector of the British Motor Corporation to which it belonged). Rebranded in 2020 as MAXUS, the company continued to leave a mark upon the automotive industry, displaying high levels of diligence and dedication.

A Van-Tastic Reputation of Success…

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, SAIC is the largest automotive producer in China. Selling over 6 million vehicles per annum, (both independently, and under other distinguished marques such as Volkswagen and Chevrolet) SAIC Motors has retained its elevated status and prized reputation since its founding date in 1997. In fact, in 2018, statistics show a report of 7.05 million sales and a 24.1 percent market share in its home market last year, intimating a continual increase in popularity through the years.

Moreover, the company displays flawless expertise through its increasing influence over several other businesses within the vehicle industry, alongside LDV. To name a few, MG and Roewe are just two of the exclusive brands that SAIC had come to acquire within the past few years; an excellent indicator of their profound capability, proficiency, and potential within the industry.

Knock knock…Who’s there? A Greener Tomorrow!

As the expeditious race toward cleaner sources of energy becomes irrefutably more indispensable, companies and large-scale businesses across the world have been forced to confront the sufficiency of their contributions toward a sustainable future. Of course, SAIC is no exception to this rule; on the contrary, they’ve been adapting to an eco-friendlier set of customs for over a decade, setting it upon themselves to create increasingly more organic, climate-friendly vehicle solutions within the LCV industry.

3..2..1..Go Electric!

So what’s in it for us? Well, this much is clear- public statistics and data intelligibly and unequivocally reveal that the move to electric vehicles is accompanied by many benefits alongside reduced CO2 emissions. Not only are electric vans cheaper to run than their gasoline-powered equivalent, but the additional temptation of no VED in conjunction with free/discounted parking (under some local authorities) is almost too good of an offer to pass up.

Drivers also report a more peaceful driving experience with an electric vehicle in comparison to a gasoline-powered one. This is due to the lack of a combustion engine; there is only sound the vehicle generates from the tyres on the road and the wind resistance.

The Face of the Future – The Race to Sustainability

Becoming the first brand to offer commercial vans that run solely on electric-powered motors and batteries, SAIC Maxus works tirelessly to ensure that it retains that ahead-of-its-time reputation. Need reassurance? Look no further than the E Deliver E 3 and E Deliver 9, both solely powered by clean energy and unassailably the face of a sustainable, conservationist planet.


-Highly commended in the 2022 Business Van Awards

Capable of reaching an 80% charge in 45 minutes, and travelling up to 213 miles, this inimitable vehicle assures rapid deliverances and a swift refill process to ensure that you face as little electrical hindrances as possible when travelling demanding hours across winding, serpentine paths. 

Need a refill? 

Good news! 

There are now more than 42,000 charge point connectors across the UK in over 15,500 locations – that’s more public places to charge than petrol stations! Stopping for a quick pick-me-up has never been so commodious, with plenty of locations from which you can take your pick.


Big brother to the EDeliverE 3 and most recent electric model created by SAIC, this formidable invention promises a speedy 90-minute charging time, accompanied by an unparalleled range of 219 miles. Gone are the days of sinking hearts and cold flushes of horror, your fuel tank light flashing incessantly before your eyes as you are left stranded in the middle of a dark, winding road with nothing but an empty tank.

Both vehicles are equipped with the very latest technology, sporting not only multiple choices of battery options, but several battery cooling functions to ensure an increase in battery life and a reduction in charging time. In addition, both vans utilise high-strength, low-density materials such as aluminium, high-strength steel, and other composite materials. These items are particularly critical in weighing down the vehicle significantly, allowing it to achieve similar payloads to that of a gasoline-powered automobile.

The Perfect Getaway Experience

So, where do we go from here? Where, oh where, to take our state-of-the-art, innovative van for that scenic, panoramic get-away experience? Well, no fear, our tip-top suggestions are here!

Tucked away in the heart of Wales, deep within the rich traditions, heritage and culture lie with Cowbridge Campers. We offer a fleet of stunning caravans and camper vans. Very suitable for those looking to truly come to grips with the rugged landscapes, stunning snatches of wildlife, and placid bodies of glistening water, all whilst staying on the grid. That’s right- WiFi is available across the entirety of the campground, meaning you can alternate between keeping it old school and checking in with your friends for a late-night laugh. No need to leave the kids at grandma’s either- they can endlessly amuse themselves at the campsite playground while you kick back and cook up that long overdue grill.

Need to go on any further? With no cumbersome flight delays, pestilent technical issues, or a plethora of issues waiting to collapse upon your carefully planned vacation, we consider this to be the ultimate brake-up call.

Picture refulgent sunsets, knee-high tulips, and a beguiling array of wildlife to experience first-hand from the depths of your cosy, environmentally-friendly mini-home, and ask yourself… What more could you possibly need?

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