Renault Vans in Stock 2022

Renault Vans in Stock 2022

We haven’t done much with Renault for some time. Years back long before the days of the Sporty Transit Custom and the Modified VW Transporter and ABT
VW Vans
we sold maybe 300 Renaults a year. Some were The Renault Trafic Sport. This we have grown into our our own WASP and Hornet for 2022. We must remember that Renault Vans were actually one of the original Sports vans but seem somewhat overlooked in recent years.

You might also be surprised that Swiss Vans 10 years ago were quite focused on Luton Vans, Low Loaders and Removal vans rather than the likes of ABT you see now. Where did we go wrong !
So to make up for it we have quite a few Luton Vans in stock but they will sell out within days
Renault Master Low Loader
Renault Luton Van
Renault Trafic Sport

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