VW Transporter WASP Lease

VW Transporter WASP

From £353.00 +VAT per month

Example Lease Prices*

VW Transporter  WASP 110 Highline Panel Van

£3000+VAT deposit | 47 x £353 +VAT | final payment £12542+VAT | plus RFL

VW Transporter  WASP 110 Highline Kombi

£3000+VAT deposit | 47 x 363 +VAT | final payment £13542+VAT | plus RFL


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If you love the VW Transporter for its great style and reliable quality, but you feel that its look isn’t quite unique enough for you, consider a WASP upgrade for your T6.1. Exclusive to us here at Swiss Vans in South Wales, the WASP upgrade can be applied to the Volkswagen Transporter Highline Kombi or Panel Van of your choice for an additional fee. (It won’t work on the Startline due to the bumper configuration, as WASP requires colour-coded bumpers.)

You can choose from VW’s excellent 110hp, 150hp, or 204hp 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines. Each is more than up to the job, but the 150hp and 204hp models are a little more dynamic: useful to bear in mind if you need a lot of power. The WASP kit is also available with either a manual transmission or VW’s 7-speed automatic DSG gearbox; it’s up to you whether or not you want to exercise your clutch foot. And while the Transporter is fitted with FWD (front-wheel drive) as standard, you can upgrade to VW’s 4Motion AWD (all-wheel drive) system for increased traction, safety, and stability in challenging weather or over difficult terrain.

So, what exactly is a WASP Transporter T6.1 from Swiss Vans? You can choose from the following, fantastic options:

  • Choose your mechanical configuration: engine, gearbox, drivetrain
  • Choose your van’s colour (a very important step, this!)
  • Choose from a selection of three, super-stylish WASP splitters
  • Choose your 18” alloy wheels from our great range. And if you’d prefer 20” alloys, those are available too at a slightly higher cost.
  • Think about your other extras: the WASP package can be upgraded with lowered suspension, a gloss-black painted grill, a leather interior, carpeting, etc. It’s your van to make how you want it!

The most obvious benefit to a VW Transporter WASP upgrade is the spiffing new style it’ll bring to your Transporter; these vans definitely get noticed and admired. But it’s also worth mentioning that our WASP vans tend to keep their value much better than their non-WASP counterparts. We consistently see our customers selling their WASPs at the end of their lease periods for considerably more than their final balloon payments, and of course, when this happens, they get to keep the difference!

Buying a new van is a big deal, so give us a call at Swiss Vans, and we’ll talk you through the options and potential. If you like the idea of a VW Transporter and are looking for a bit more flair, our WASP package might be just the thing. (And of course, if you love the WASP look but prefer a Ford Transit Custom or Mercedes Vito, we’ve got you covered there too!)

VW Transporter Kombi WASP

Deposit – £3000+VAT | 47 X £353 +VAT | Plus Final Payment

– 18 Inch alloys
– WASP 1, WASP 2 or WASP 3 Splitter
– Sidebars
– Rear Spoiler.

Price based on: VW Transporter |110BHP | Manual | SWB |Highline | KOMBI |Solid Paint | WASP KIT

VW Transporter WASP

VW Transporter Panel Van WASP

Deposit – £3000+VAT | 47 X £363 +VAT | Plus Final Payment

– 18 Inch alloys
– WASP 1, WASP 2 or WASP 3 Splitter
– Sidebars
– Rear Spoiler.

Price based on: VW Transporter | 110BHP | Manual | SWB | Highline | KOMBI | Solid Paint | WASP KIT

WASP High End Upgrades

If your budget is higher

– 20 Inch alloys
– Carpet lining from £1,200
– Leather from £1,650
– Lowering from £499
– Painting the grilles and badges at our workshop
– Matt wraps

We can help by customising your new 110, 150 or 199 PS Diesel Engine. The latter comes in DSG only of course. This way you can have either a Kombi or a panel van too.

At Swiss none of our vans are ready made. Instead you get some choice as to what your van will look like. Nothing sets off a van more than having a front splitter. All of these front splitters are sold ready fitted. You can mix and match

VW Transporter WASP
Three different design to choose from. Prices starting for £6 extra a month. 

VW Transporter HORNET
Colour coded upper part with a gloss black bottom part

VW Transporter Genuine ABT
Typical cost £30+VAT a month fitted. Great German quality. 

Popular changes

  • Side bars round or Sportline Triangular ones. We tend to fit Vanstyle sidebars. The VW sidebars do last a lot longer but quite expensive.
    Mudflaps will reduce chips and corrosion.
  • Nappa leather, some fancy type of stiching, mixed colour leathers. Heated seats. See leather page click here
    Hell 4 Leather Branding. Free leather design service from £1500 – £2999
  • Over size 20 inch alloys. VW have relaxed rules about oversize alloy wheels. 
  • Carpeting or soundproofing start from £1200 see here
  • Lowering . 30 MM genuine, 40 mm aftermarket, coilovers we can fit it all. Obviously some kits will not be covered by manufactuers guarantees.
  • Upgrades such as alarm, reversing camera, towbars, WIFI in van, witness cameras.
  • Plylining, racking, roof bars, anything you want we sell it.

All our vans are available as panel vans as well as Kombi vans. Prices are actually very similar to Kombi Vans. There can be many reasons for wanting a panel van oppose to a Kombi van but we have just as many in stock.

Panel Van
Panel Van




  • SWB, LWB and DSG panel vans always in stock.
  • High roof to factory order.
  • Signwriting, racking, towbars, electronics, plylining we offer a complete dealer service
  • Cheap contract hire work vans from £199 a month with enough deposit and low enough miles however we cant do mods like splitters and spoilers etc
  • SWB load length is roughly 2.5 M and LWB roughly 2.9 metres. A bulkhead is standard on most of the.
    Payloads 700 KG to 1300 KG in panel van

    VW Transporter Models
    The VW Transporter Startline is the entry model but even so the standard stereo features App Connect to integrate with busy modern life. Like all panel vans there are three front seats as standard but it can get a little cramped on long journeys. Cruise control is a standard feature as are power electric mirrors which are heated for frosty mornings. VW do not reduce safety equipment on even base model vans. Its against their principles. A full steel bulkhead is standard and you will be pleased to hear that the headlights are much improved on the last model. The steering has also changed on the T6.1, its much lighter thanks to newerr servotronic steering. Its easily recognised by its black ABS bumpers. There is an upgrade named the “Business Pack” see below

  • Crosswind assist standard

  • Front assist with emergency city breaking

  • Tyre pressure monitor system

    The main reason people buy a Highline is toget colour coded bumpers and airconditioning. VW Have done away with the Trendline model

  • Alloy wheels
  • Front fogs
  • Auto on headlights
  • Intermitant wipers with a rain sensor
  • Adaptive cruisde control
  • Parking sensors
  • Antitheft alarm in front.

We offer a range of leather upgrades that you can choose on most vans.
We ask a larger deposit when ordering leather and of course it will need to be ordered and
fitted so take a little longer.

Leather costs from £1500 to £2999 typically 

Free leather design service from Hell 4 Leather. Once you have been accepted and a deposit taken our helpful team will guide you through leather ordering. Show you the range of colours, patterns and how to design something unique. We then send you a a mock up image of how your van leather will look.
We take payment in full where leather deals are done as bespoke customised leather doesnt have much of a second hand market should you change your mind!

  • Based on 5 seater basic  leathers from £1500
    Its less obviously for a two or three seater van.
  • Upgrade to a fine Nappa leather shown with Hex and more complicated designs 
    from £2999 for a 5 seater 
  • Choice of no less than 6 leather stitch styles 
    See our main van leather page 
  • 12 months guarantee on all leather Nationally
    This covers stiching coming apart, sagging.
    It wont cover rips or stains of course.
    Upgrade to 3 year guarantee  on some leathers for £399

    Van Leather Ordering Questions That We Might Ask

  • Obviously the colour of the leather ! There are about 30 leather colours approx.
    Its great to be different but if you order a ‘Katie Price” its going to be worth less not
    more in 3 years !
  • The material. There is standard Robust Leather, Nappa Leather, Mock Suede
    The robust is the most popular as it resists stains and scratching more. Its like your sofa at home.
    But you cant beat the feel and smell of Nappa
  • The stich pattern. Cross, Bently, Oval, list is endless. Ask your account manager for a link to build your leather.
  • If you want a logo or any branding


If you’re looking for a new or used van, give us a call at Swiss. We’ll be happy to talk modifications, finance, or walk you through the finer points of each of our great vans.

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