VW Transporter T6.1 Splitter

From £7.00 per month

*Splitters are available only with vans purchased with us, we don’t sell splitters separately 

WASP Splitters

Three splitters to choose from with a starting price of just £6 +VAT extra per month

Hornet Splitter

 Splitter with aggressive look from our top-range styling pack.

ABT Splitter

Genuine ABT product 

Choosing the right splitter changes the look of the whole van. We currently have 3 separate designs from WASP and Hornet range, plus ABT splitter.
They are made from either plastic or fibreglass.

To all splitters we offer gloss black or colour coded painted grille.

Here are the spoilers we fit for 2021.

WASP Splitters

VW Caravelle Executive LED Lights


From £6 +VAT a Month Extra

Gloss black lower splitter.


From £11 +VAT a Month Extra

Available In Colour Coding

VW Transporter WASP 2 Splitter


From £11 +VAT a Month Extra

Colour Coded Splitter With High Clearance.

Hornet Splitter

VW Transporter Hornet


Available only with our Hornet Styling Pack

Colour coded upper part with a gloss black bottom part.

ABT Splitter

ABT Splitter

From £31 +VAT a Month Extra

Part of Official ABT Styling Pack

Grille upgrades

VW Transporter T6.1 Swamper Black with wrap

Gloss Black and Colour Coding

From £499

We have the option of removing the grill and painting it any colour you like.

Matt Front Wraps

From £2999

Please speak to the salesman for more details.