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If you need something extra for your everyday job, consider a dropside or tipper based on the excellent VW Crafter Chassis Cab. The Crafter is Volkswagen’s large van, and it’s just sturdy, reliable, and configurable as a chassis cab as it is as a van. If you’re not sure which of a dropside or a tipper you might need, remember that while a dropside is a flat-bed truck with raised sides, a tipper will lift up to slide your cargo out the back onto the ground.

There are plenty of options, from the drive system (FWD, RWD, 4Motion AWD) to the engine, which is available as a 2.0-litre diesel in 102hp, 122hp, 140hp, and 177hp. There’s also a choice of gearbox depending on the engine / drive system; you can have a standard 6-speed manual gearbox or consider an 8-speed automatic. And while the basic dropside and tipper from VW come as a single cab, there’s a double cab version with a 4-seater bench in the second row available too: invaluable if you need extra crew on the job. (The basic-cab model seats three: the driver and two passengers.)

Crafter Dropside and Tipper Dimensions

There are three different wheelbases available: Medium, Long, and Maxi. Bear in mind though that the Maxi variant is only available with the single-cab, CR50, 5.0-tonne-GVW version. Payloads overall range from 708kg at the low end to a fantastic 2808kg at the high end.

Vehicle Length
Medium wheelbase: 5996mm
Long wheelbase: 6486mm
Maxi wheelbase: 7211mm

Wheelbase Length
Medium wheelbase: 3640mm
Long wheelbase: 4490mm
Maxi wheelbase: 4490mm

Dropside-specific measurements
Single Cab
Internal length: 3450mm MWB, 4300mm LWB
Internal width: 2026mm
Sideboard / tailboard height: 400mm

Double Cab
Internal length: 3501mm LWB
Internal width: 2026mm
Sideboard / tailboard height: 400mm

Tipper-specific measurements
Internal length: 3350mm
Internal width: 2026mm
Sideboard height: 400mm
Tailboard height: 600mm

The single cab here is built on the Medium wheelbase, and the double cab is built on the Long wheelbase. Both models are available with front- or rear-wheel drive (FWD or RWD).

Trim Level, Specifications, and Extras

Volkswagen offers the chassis cab for the dropside and tipper in the standard Startline trim, and there’s an optional Business Pack upgrade if you want air-conditioning, an anti-theft alarm, and overhead storage with a reading light and 2x 1-Din slots (in case you want to upgrade the sound system of connectivity).

Startline includes:

  • Radio (Composition Audio) with 5” display, Bluetooth, and connection for USB/iPod
  • Servotronic (electromechanical) steering
  • Dual passenger seat with storage
  • Rubber floor covering
  • Steering wheel adjustable for rake and reach
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
  • Crosswind Assist
  • Engine immobiliser
  • Halogen head lights with daytime-running-light function
  • Parking brake with hill-hold control
  • Load-adjusting ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme)
  • Full-size spare wheel
  • Full-height steel bulkhead (no window)
  • 3-point seatbelts and adjustable head restraints on all models

5.0-tonne GVW models have double rear wheels and rear-wheel drive as standard. They also come fitted with a digital tachograph and a mandatory speed limiter (limited to 56mph).

Dropside and Tipper Model Specifics

There are lots of different varieties and configurations from which to choose on the official VW order sheet: too many for us to detail here. But we can give you a basic overview of some of what you might expect on the VW Crafter Dropside or VW Crafter Tipper. Just bear in mind that the following is for informational purposes only!

VW Crafter Dropside

  • 3-year warranty
  • Easily modified if you want to add extra rails, a tail lift, etc.
  • Phenolic-resin-coated, 15mm, single-piece birch non-slip deck
  • Load-lashing rings, recessed and tested to 800kg
  • Rear corner pillars (removable) that extend above the board height
  • Burst load tested (to 1.7 tonnes) boards and lock assemblies
  • Seamless aluminium boards (great if you want your livery on the side)

VW Crafter Tipper

  • 3-year warranty
  • A wander lead for tipper control (so you can stand back a bit)
  • High-strength steel platform featuring retractable load-lashing rings
  • Ladder rack for the front bulkhead with a loading capacity of 400kg
  • Manual tail board (high-vis) with tip-over and tip-through functions
  • Under-floor ram: direct acting 5-stage

The Right Vehicle For The Job

The VW Crafter Dropside and VW Crafter Tipper are superb vehicles for the toughest of jobs. Similar to dropsides and tippers from Ford, Vauxhall, Citroen, and more, these heavy-duty vehicles from Volkswagen are great options for anyone who needs a strong, reliable vehicle. And as they’re built on the Crafter, you know they’ll be great to drive too.

Give us a call at Swiss today to discuss the (many) options and also to talk finance. We offer great deals on cash sales, but we also have outstanding plans available for VW Crafter Dropside leases, VW Crafter Tipper finance, and everything in between. You may need a heavy-duty vehicle, but you don’t need a heavy-duty bill.

7 Ways To Finance Your Van

Most of our competitors are leasing franchises. Their vans are usually purchased by the hundred; they may have sat on the lot for a while by the time you come along. These franchises tend to prefer contract hire as it locks customers in with them for longer. However, here at Swiss, we work with banks. We’re not tied in to any one plan, so we can offer you a wider array of options. Our vans are fresher and our deals are better as there’s no middleman franchise taking a cut.

Each of the following finance methods is tax deductible. It’s important to remember that, unless your insurance policy provides “new for old” cover, you will need a GAP insurance policy in case the vehicle gets written off. More on this at the bottom!

  1. Hire purchase: VAT down or VAT deferred. HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If you’re VAT registered, you can claim the whole VAT amount back within three months. 
  2. Contract Hire: Bear in mind that there is a credit check with contract hire even though many people believe there isn’t. Contract hire is more popular on cars than vans, and it’s better for large fleets. In fact, it doesn’t offer any advantage for fleets of fewer than 10. (If you want to change more than 10 vehicles in one go, then please get in touch.) 
  3. Lease purchase: As some manufacturers offer deals that can’t be used with lease purchase agreements, this may not be the best option. It’s similar to hire purchase as you own the vehicle at the end of the contract, but different in that there’s a large “balloon” payment at the end to help keep monthly payments lower. VAT-registered customers can claim back in the following quarter if they pay the entire VAT amount as the deposit. Lease purchase can be a great option for businesses if, for example, you want a T6.1 to keep and convert to a motorhome later on. Sometimes pre-registered vans are cheaper, so do ask us about what we’ve got available. 
  4. Finance Lease: By far the most popular finance method as it attracts the lowest payments. Finance leases also attract the largest discounts from manufacturers. Another benefit of this method is that you can fit accessories to the van while you have it.
  5. Operational Lease: An operational lease is just like a finance lease apart from that you can hand the vehicle back at the end. Some of our Mercedes vans are like this.
  6. Asset Finance: We can finance many products, not just vans.
  7. Credit Limit: Pre-approve your van purchases 90 days in advance. This can be very useful if, for example, you have a contract tender.

GAP Insurance

If the vehicle is written off, your normal insurance may not cover everything you owe on your finance agreement. You could end up having to buy an older, cheaper van just to achieve the same monthly payments. A GAP insurance policy can help. For more information, please see our GAP policy page. And to buy a GAP insurance policy, you can click here

VW Crafter Dropside and Tipper Factory Orders

Volkswagen offers LOTS of different options, so you can order an extremely specialised vehicle custom-made to your requirements. Do bear in mind though that these highly customised configurations tend to be aimed at larger fleets, so delivery times could be over 20 weeks from when you place an order. And if you want an automatic, it may take even longer. Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll do our best to help.

Tipper-specific Points

Typically, these have an L2 load length of 10-12 feet long. You can’t go too long, of course, or it won’t tip! The most popular tippers are the Ford Transit Tipper, VW Crafter Tipper, Mercedes Sprinter Tipper, and the Citroen Relay Tipper.

Twin wheels are a little less popular now as payloads tend to be reduced by around 150kg on average. Even big vans with single rear wheels usually have enough electronics on board now to ensure stability. The average payload is 1.25 tonnes, but there’s variability depending on wheelbase, tail lift, cab, etc.

3-way tippers are more rare these days as there are concerns about the load being deployed wrongly accidentally. Crew-cab vans are popular, but they’re quite rare in stock. They do tend to reduce payloads too!

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