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Visit Cardiff



Visit Cardiff

Make a night of it and do an overnight stay in Cardiff when you collect. Take a break from the stresses of work and spend the evening before delivery relaxing, chilling and unwinding.
Its not every day you collect a new van so savour the success.

Swiss HQ is a 20 minute train ride from Cardiff and the trains run about every 20 minutes.
You do need to look in advance as if there is a Sports Event on prices for rooms quadruple
Typical Hotel Cost
£60 – £130 midweek.

Recommended Hotels
There are two main areas to stay. Cardiff Bay and the City Centre. Parking is harder in the City Centre .
ST Davids has an ample open carpark and is 5 minutes walk from the Cardiff Bay which is all bars and restaurants. Great Spa and pool.
Future Inn is close to the Bay too just a little further walk. It has a Millar & Carter on site.
Travel Lodge – Has several sites both in the city centre and in Cardiff Bay .
Park Plaza  – In in the city centre close to the theatre . Great Spa and collection of bars and live music within a few minutes walk.

Recommended Eats
If you want recommendations on where to eat or where to go for a beer have a chat to someone on sales. We have probably been there !
Indian Food.
Two we recommend. Mowglis is on the outskirts of Cardiff about £5 taxi from centre, and some of the hottest curry on the planet.
And Moksh which is a posh little Indian that does fancy food, This down the bay.
Millar and Carter have two restaurants though the one in the city centre never seems to have a table free. And the Chain Viva Brazil. The latter seems to have far larger portions than the rest of the UK.
Asador 44 is part of the Bar 44 Chain and lots of little pubs nearby. A bit pricy  but nice
A lovely little one on the end of City Road where everything is Like Momma Used To Make It.
City Road is one of the more entertaining parts of Cardiff Giardini Di Sorrento

Nissan Navara Lease

Van Finance

Best Ways Of  Van Finance  
At Swiss we have literally most funders on the market and will introduce you to the best value. Our aim is to help you grow your fleet 
and become your natural choice to replace vehicles. 
– Van Hire purchase – VAT down and VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months. 
– Van Leasing 
Small deposits from one payment in advance to 50% of the van price. Its 100% tax deductible so great fir new start companies that have start up costs. Is the favourite way for many manufacturers so often attracts the greatest discounts. Its more flexible than contract hire. 
– Lease Purchase
Not all manufactures support this method so often pre registered vans are the way to go. This is because you take ownerships automatically and they worry it will affect residual values. Ask us first as often you cant get a private plate on this method. Its very much like HP but more suited to VAT registered companies as they can claim the VAT back of course. If you are flat rate VAT this is the one for you. 
– Van Contract Hire 
Great for larger fleets that want to control costs but its seldom sold to smaller users as its quite restrictive. Many ask for it because  they have asked for it in the past. Some mistakenly think there is no credit check check but there is.