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Different jobs require different power, features, payload and fuel efficiency – and as far as large vans go, Vauxhall Movano has them all.

For power, torque and fuel economy, the new Movano is possibly one of the best large Panel vans today. With front/rear wheel drive and strong bi-turbo engine and payload options, you can guarantee you will get the job done with this sturdy work horse. Like the Ford Transit Custom and VW Crafter, Vauxhall Movano’s ace card is its versatility. The Movano is many things. A reliable Panel van, versatile Passenger carrier, nifty Double Cab, or personalised conversion – take your pick!

If your passenger crew needs a Double Cab, try on a 6 -9 seat Combi Model for size (or even a 17-seat minibus!). Movano options include Platform Cab, Box Van, dropside or tipper – and the Double Cabs seat up to 7 inside with 4 separate contoured rear seats for a comfy ride (headrests, diagonal seatbelts). Rear storage includes a full-length tray, optional overhead and side net pockets. 

The conversions (tipper, dropside and box) are rugged, durable and fit for purpose. Outside, sharper-style bumpers and a funky new grille gives it smart looks. Inside, long commutes and rough road surfaces are made smoother, with adjustable lumbar support and optional air-cushioned driver seats.

All engines are of the 2.3 litre CDTi common rail diesel variety, of varying power. The Bi-Turbo 2.3 CDTi adds biceps to the range, and while most get 6-speed manual gearboxes, there is an optional TecSHIFT automated gearbox option for the mid-range 2.3 CDTi 125. Engine power ranges from 108hp up to 125hp, 134hp and 161hp. In FWD and rear wheel drive models, all are turbocharged common-rail diesels, while Bi-Turbo units have a pair of turbos for boost. 

Vauxhall’s ecoFLEX fuel-saving technology includes ‘stop-start’ on some models (all newer BiTurbo units) and its great fuel consumption of 29-41 mpg (184kg/km on ecoFLEX to 249/km for heavier rear-wheel drives), makes motoring long haul a breeze.

Loading and practicality

Whatever the task, there is a Movano. 4 lengths, 3 roof heights and front/rear drive chassis options, plus the 7.8 to 17 cubic metre load range (2,800kg to 4,500kg GVW) – a tonne of choice. The 3,000kg trailer limit gives you a max payload of up to 1,398kg. With up to 7 crew inside on the Double Cab, the Chassis Cab can be converted into a Luton Box Van or light truck conversion (box van, tipper, dropside, chassis or crew cab). 

Half-height protective panels in the load area and full height steel bulkheads come as standard on rear-drives. Great features include optional full-height ply lining and anti-slip floors with built in fixing rails (anchor points every 25mm), side wall anchor rails, movable partitions and a telescopic clicking bar system for improved load retentions. 

Double Cab models on L2HS and L3H2 have front drive chassis, while L3HR rear drive models and Double Cabs include 4 rear seats and a bulkhead, with safe transport for up to 7 people and secure storage in the rear. Combi version 6-9 seating layouts come with removable seats, so you can load and go. 

If additional load-carrying capability is what you are after, try roof bars and roof tray racks with a rear door steel ladder to carry up to 200kg to the roof. Also, the heavy-duty towing hook option for conversions based on the Movano chassis. All core conversions carry a 3-year 100k mile warranty, as with the standard Panel van. 

Safety for your peace of mind

Rest assured, Movano’s anti-theft alarm with movement sensors and optional deadlocks (lock buttons on cabin door that can’t be opened without a key) and a feature for changing lanes when a vehicle is in your blind spot (LED lights in the wing mirror) makes for a safe, comfy ride. Don’t forget the bright LED lights that light your cargo area after dark.

ESP-Plus electronic stability programme is standard on RWD models. The ESP-Plus feature reduces throttle response and varies braking force to each wheel with loss of traction, keeping you on the ground. An airbag is standard for the driver with passenger options (side bags for rear passengers), while reverse parking sensors, speed limiters and lighting packs (with cornering lights) are great additional extras. 

7  Ways Of Van Finance  

Most of our competitors tend to be leasing franchises that all sell the same “specials” that tend to be basic vans purchased at the same time by the hundred. Often the vans you are offered have sat around a while. They tend to prefer contract hire as it locks you into them for some time.
We work via banks rather than by these franchises so we are not as tied in so can offer more of an array of van finance deals. This is why our vans are fresher and  deals better. There is no leasing franchise taking a cut.
All methods are tax deductible. All methods you should really have GAP Insurance Policy in case the vehicle is written off. Many commercial insurance policies will not pay new for old.

  1. Hire purchase – VAT down or VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months. 
  2.  Lease purchase. Not always the best deal as some manufacturers offer discounts  that cannot be used on lease purchase. Its just like HP but with a final payment and once it’s paid you get automatic ownership. It’s better once again for VAT registered businesses especially if you want a T6.1 for example to keep at the end and convert to a motorhome. Sometimes a pre registered van is cheaper.
  3. Finance Lease – By far the most popular method as it attracts the lowest payments . It’s gets the largest discounts from manufacturers same as contract hire. However you can fit accessories many of which you cant n contract hire
  4. Operational Lease – Is just like finance lease however you can hand back the vehicle at the end. Some of our Mercedes vans are like this
  5. Asset Finance – We can finance many products not just vans
  6. Credit Limit – Pre approve your van purchases 90 days in advance. Useful  for example if you have a contract tender.

GAP Insurance

If you write a vehicle off in say year one the insurance company may well pay you less than the settlement value. Thus through no fault of your own you may need to buy a older cheaper van to reach the same monthly payment.

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