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Van Leasing

For many businesses, it is a necessity to own a van to operate. Whether the need is for the transport of your team and tools to and from jobs or to deliver items to your customers ? your vehicle is essential to ensure your success. As not everyone is sitting on a large sum of money, buying may not be an option. This is where van leasing can help you.

At Swiss Vans, we want to make getting a brand-new van possible for everyone. This is why we offer some of the cheapest leasing deals in the UK on any van ? from your standard Citroen Berlingo to our very own customised VW Transporter WASP.

The step by step of cheap van leasing

Cheap van leasing can be complicated but we want to make it as straightforward for you as possible.

1. We have a wide range of vans to choose from. Select the vehicle which best suits your business needs and budget. Or, speak to one of our sales experts who will be happy to point you in the right direction.
2. Discuss with a salesperson the deposit you wish to put down, the balloon figure, the type and length of lease and they will find the best deal for you.
3. After paying a holding deposit to secure your van, free delivery of our vehicle will be scheduled (or you must collect from Swiss HQ or pay for delivery if you opt for modifications)
4. Pay your agreed deposit and monthly payments for the term of the lease.
5. At the end of the term, there are some options depending on what type of lease you have:

Our lease options include finance lease and contract hire.

With contract hire, you just return the van and arrange a new lease.

With finance lease, you can get into another brand-new van putting any equity you may have in your current vehicle, against the balloon figure, into a new lease deal. Or, you can pay the final balloon payment, sell the van to a third party and buy it back.

Talk to our team who will be happy to explain what options are available following the conclusion of a deal.

Monthly payments are reflective of the value of the vehicle, the interest rate and how much a van is expected to be worth at the end of the lease.

Why lease a van?

There are many advantages of leasing a van rather than buying one. These advantages make leasing a favourable option for new start-ups or small businesses.


  • You can get a brand new van every few years.
  • Depreciation is a non-issue as you don?t own the van.
  • No large upfront fees with the cost spread out over the length of the contract with just a low deposit needed at first.
  • Your monthly payments can be included as a business expense.
  • The majority of our vans can move a payload of over a tonne. This means if your business is VAT registered, you can claim the tax back that you?ve paid on the van.
  • For the first three years, brand new vans don?t need to have an MOT*.

* When MOT’s are needed and how much they cost can be found here.


  • Value of the vehicle can be affected should you not return it in a condition which is reflective of its age and mileage. Wear and tear is okay.
  • Your monthly payment is reflective of your expected mileage so doing excessive mileage can result in a cost.
  • You don?t own the van.

Lease deals are available on our WASP packages we have on vans such as the Ford Transit Custom and VW Transporter T6  Kombi.

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