Van Carpeting & Soundproofing

From per month


Most of our vans can be made more comfortable with the addition of carpeting and sound proofing. The most popular van to work on is the Volkswagen Transporter T6.1
The prices are done in bands starting from £1200 + VAT. It takes a little longer as you can imagine.

Carpeting Choice Colours

1. Basic T6.1 Carpeting

from £1200

We will carpet your van in your choice of colour of three way stretch. Think carefully as some colours will reduce the resale value. Dark colours like anthracite are the most popular. The work is done by the dealer as workshop space is required and we want to give you free delivery to your house.
Rear, rear doors, roof, side door area. Jack placed in front of vehicle on floor from £1200. Prices can fluctuate based on on the dealership we are using to supply your vehicle .

Custom Carpet Lining

2. Upgraded Capet Lining

from £2999 SWB T6.1

8 LED. Plenty of stiching and mock suede .
Looks great with Nappa leather . Our most popular carpet lining service.
Tailgate or barn doors done as shown
Kombi side panels done
Rib panels sewn in to the sides and ceiling. A truly special looking van.
– Upgrade to soundproofing below for a quieter ride.

Sound proof vans

Sound Proofing

from £400 ontop

Need the van quieter? We add sound proofing and insulation to the rear of the van. Floor, rear, doors. Reduce heat loss and reduce noise Rear from £400 on top of 1. We do not sound proof the front of vans and if you want this service we recommend its done within a few miles of home as it can cause more rattles than noise reduction. So we steer clear of this.

Custom Carpet Lining

LED Lighting Solutions

from £300 on a basic carpet line

LED lighting really improoves the look and mood of your vehicle.
Add 6 LED lights normally done in a straight line from £300.

On top of any other carpeting you have ordered. Image is upgraded.
8 lights Included in 2 Upgraded carpet lining package.

Van mock suede

Mock Suede Upgrades

From £600

Add the roof and hard panels done in mock suede.

Rear doors, roof, side panels, side door area done in directional mock suede. Choose from 10 colours.

The rest of the vehicle is done as per 1 in three way stretch and contrast of colours words well
A basic form of this is included in 2. There is some choice of colour but its usually dark as harder wearing

Deluxe Lining Hex

Carpet isnt for everyone. Try this as an alternative to carpeting from £3000 + VAT
Add soundproofing from £300
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