toyota hilux hardtops

Toyota Hilux Hard Tops

Toyota Hilux Hard Tops Genuine or Non Genuine?


Toyota Hilux hardtops

Owning a pickup such as the Toyota Hilux means you have a load space which is exposed to all sorts of weather. Your load bed and whatever is stored in it can get damaged, dirty and wet. Whether your Hilux is sitting in a car park, stored in a garage or on the road, it can be affected by the elements unless it is protected with one of our Toyota Hilux hardtops.

A hardtop primarily protects your load bed and whatever is stored in it beneath it from the rain, snow and moisture. It also saves you having to clean the bed of any dirt should you need to transport anything that should be kept clean.

You can find out more about leasing a Toyota Hilux with Swiss Vans here. Or, to learn more about the Hilux hardtops, check out Toyota.

Please note: Hardtops are not completely watertight. In extremely bad weather, some water can get in. If you need something guaranteed to be watertight, opt for a van.

Different types of hardtops

With Swiss, we offer both genuine Toyota Hilux hardtops or non-genuine hardtops from specialist manufacturers.

Depending on what your specific needs are, there are different types of hardtops, too. You can get flat tonneau covers, roller shutters or the hardtop.

Genuine Toyota Hilux hardtops

These are more expensive than hardtops from other manufacturers but they come with a nationwide 3 year guarantee.

Toyota offer hardtops in a range of different colours to match the body of your Hilux. Or, alternatively, you can get an aluminium roll cover or a tonneau cover, either soft or hard.

Non-genuine hardtops

Truckman is the largest manufacturer of hardtops in the UK. They have built up a great reputation as a hardtop provider for the Toyota Hilux and they are a lot more affordable.

However, this only comes with a return to base warranty which means bringing it back to Swiss HQ for repair.

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