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Swiss Vans FAQ


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Some most common questions answered

Why buy from Swiss Vans?

We don’t have sales people we have account managers. We want to sell you not only every van for your business but your replacement van in 3 years. All prices on our website are excluding VAT.

Am I safe ordering from you?

We don’t store any credit card details we leave that to the banks. Our deposits are typically from £1000 to secure a van and apply for credit. If you fail finance we of course give you back your deposit. We might ask more deposit later if you have a lot of custom work being done such as leather, alloys etc etc.
If its cash we only take full payment a few days prior to delivery again in time to make it clear. We don’t store any details that could comprise you in any way. If its a WASP or Hornet or a lit of fits we take a higher amount typically £3000

Do you take PX

Yes, from anywhere in the UK. We ask you some questions and take a small fee to cover sending an agent to verify that condition of your van is accurately described.
All prices are based on what you tell us initially and of course adjusted if what you have told us isn’t true.
If you have a settlement figure only you can can cancel the direct debit so its important to do this on delivery of the new vehicle.
We will settle off your exiting credit agreement

How do I collect or take delivery of my vehicle?

Most vehicles are driven to your front door by a delivery company that is arranged by the supplying Manufacturer Dealer.
Vehicles never really arrive on a transporter as this would greatly increase prices unless you are buying 10 plus in one go.

What if the is an issue with my vehicle on delivery?

Please note this on the delivery sheet and give us a call immediately.
If the driver has already left then please still call us.
Please check your order form.
We also have a Helpdesk for just this reason click here

When will I get my V5 document?

Either within about 3 weeks for VW Mercedes or up to 12 months if its a pre registered Ford for example and you have asked for our cheapest price. Not that anyone ever asks for out second cheapest price on a Ford…..
Some vehicles are bought on fleet terms that require fleet management for 12 months. Contract hire vehicles of course you will never get a V5.

Where do I service my vehicle?

You can service anywhere you wish but bear in mind that if non genuine parts are used this will invalidate the guarantee.
When you come to PX or sell the vehicle a man dealer history will achieve the best price. On some vehicles this can be thousands of pounds in difference.

Where do I take my van for warranty work?

All vans come with a 3 year warranty from the date of registration
that can be used at any franchised dealer across the UK for the said manufacturer. It is important to service the vehicle to ensure the guarantee remains valid.
For Swiss fits there is a 12 months guarantee.

I have a van but want to send it back early or PX it ?

We can normally start looking at taking back your vehicle in PX
after about 2.5 years. Please have a settlement ready.
If the reason is more complicated such as financial difficulties please give us a call and we can talk you through it. It will usually have an impact on your credit score if a vehicle is returned without a finance companies permission.

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