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Renault Master Luton


Deposit: £2500
59 x £339 / £Yes Balloon


Renault Master Luton

New 2018 Renault Master Luton vans for sale.

The Renault Master is a vehicle you can rely on if you need to shift a lot of heavy cargo in one go. It is the largest van in the Renault range but for those who need even more room, the Master can come as Luton van. These are ideal for use in removals or deliveries as these types of vans boast the highest possible loading capacity of all the light-commercial vehicles. Payloads of these vehicles are normally over a tonne so they are built to be able to shift heavy loads.

Loading large, awkward items on to your Master Luton can prove to be a difficult task for the strongest of people. As many items that may be loaded into the van may be exceptionally heavy, there are options to include a tail lift which can pick up 500kg. However, the tail lift itself can weigh up to 250kg so the van wouldn’t be able to handle as much weight. If this could be an issue for your business, the Renault Master Luton comes with a Low Loader option, too. This is, as the name suggests, a Luton which is lower to the ground, making loading a lot easier.

Renault Master Luton options and upgrades

Each business will have their own unique reasons for needing the use of a van for their work. With this in mind, there are different options available when choosing your Luton van which can make it better suited to your personal business needs.

– Tail lifts
– Low Loader
– Lightweight Nap panels
– LoadLok and matching poles
– Specialised storage options
– Curved roofs & special projects

Dealer Fitted Upgrades
– Pioneer & Kenwood Satnav
– Reversing cameras
– Witness cameras
– Tachographs and towbars

We have a whole range of Luton vans from different manufacturers so you can choose which one is best for you.

Renault Master Luton finance lease

Finance lease is the most common form of payment method. Basically, you put down a deposit which is usually 10% of the value of the vehicle. Then, depending on what is included in your van, an agreed payment is paid monthly over 24-60 months (48 months is the most common length of term). Our friendly sales team are on hand to help find the right van for you and provide you with figures.

We have other payment methods which include:

  • Contract hire
  • Hire purchase
  • Lease purchase
  • Outright purhcase

For further details on the payment methods we offer, take a look here.

Dropside van Leasing

Van Finance

Best Ways Of  Van Finance  
At Swiss we have literally most funders on the market and will introduce you to the best value. Our aim is to help you grow your fleet 
and become your natural choice to replace vehicles. 
– Van Hire purchase – VAT down and VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months. 
– Van Leasing 
Small deposits from one payment in advance to 50% of the van price. Its 100% tax deductible so great fir new start companies that have start up costs. Is the favourite way for many manufacturers so often attracts the greatest discounts. Its more flexible than contract hire. 
– Lease Purchase
Not all manufactures support this method so often pre registered vans are the way to go. This is because you take ownerships automatically and they worry it will affect residual values. Ask us first as often you cant get a private plate on this method. Its very much like HP but more suited to VAT registered companies as they can claim the VAT back of course. If you are flat rate VAT this is the one for you. 
– Van Contract Hire 
Great for larger fleets that want to control costs but its seldom sold to smaller users as its quite restrictive. Many ask for it because  they have asked for it in the past. Some mistakenly think there is no credit check check but there is.