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Renault Master Luton

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Renault Master Luton Lease –

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An ideal delivery or removals van with its big box at the back and cab at front, the Renault Master Luton brings load volume and drivability, making it a perfect work van for couriers and delivery businesses transporting large lightweight items, day in day out. 

Master Luton’s big boxy loading bay with a load volume of up to 22m³ and payload up to 1,204 kg is practical to the max.  Allowing efficient transport of cargo, with its flush flat floor without wheel arches and large side walls. 

Renault’s Luton comes in Long (LL) and extra-long (LLL) wheelbases, with two available engines – dCi 130 & ENERGY dCi 145. There is a choice of front or rear wheel drive, or even  twin-wheel rear wheel drive for more traction if you need to do things like towing. 

Standard features of Renault Master Luton include 11mm GRP side panels (fibreglass roof skin), 65mm alloy frame, 15mm wisdeck birch floor, over-cab storage and alloy frame shutter roller door (to support a tail lift). The large sides are a great billboard space for your brand logo while the metal side reinforcements give box-strength and massive barn doors, open 270 degrees for super easy access. 

Inside, PIR interior lighting and securing rings make moving freight around safe, secure and easy to fashion, while inside the cab is functional and reliable, no frills for competitive pricing. Driver essentials for long journeys include Bluetooth and MP3/smartphone syncing plus USB socket to keep you entertained on long hauls. Also, a great steering wheel and dash that is clear to understand, ample storage bins, cup holders and overhead storage plus a great bench seat and comfy driver seat, making this a great working space.

Luton Van Upgrade. Please note that some of these upgrades can only be done as a bespoke build. A bespoke build will take at least 12 weeks from when the chassis is in stock. It can take much longer of course.

Easy Upgrades done even on stock luton vans for sale and lease
Most of these can be added to the finance. For things such as extra tie rails we ask you to find a local luton builder and will pay them to do additional work, as this is much much faster.

  • Reversing cameras
  • Satnav and better incar infotainment
  • Driver tracking systems vehicle remote immobilization
  • Leather seats and alloy wheels (yes I know)
  • Vehicle coatings to repel dirt
  • Sign writing and LED advertising systems
  • Load lok and extra tie rails.
  • Sometimes but not always tail lifts it depends on the builder. Ring

More Bespoke Items for a custom made luton van
Ring for prices on bespoke

  • Sleeping pod typically £
  • Lightweight GRP Hex panels typical saving 80 kg
  • Additional lighting inside
  • Extra strong floor
  • Refridgeration
  • Tailifts and extra low weight tailifts. 150 kg standard weight
    Magnesium lifts weighing just 80 KG can be made
  • D Day doors (for low loaders)
  • Additional security such as rear or roller shutter slamlocks


If you’re looking for a new or used van, give us a call at Swiss. We’ll be happy to talk modifications, finance, or walk you through the finer points of each of our great vans.

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