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Part Exchange You Van 
1. Decide on what new van you want. Unless you actually want to buy a van there is absolutely no point in filling in this form. If you just bored and want a valuation there are dozens of sites that will do it for you no need to involve us.
2. Realise that we sell our vans discounted 
Focus on price to change or how much your monthly payment changes.
Some customers more with cars that vans are more focused on getting the highest price.
This is VANITY. Focus on you price to change, this is SANITY.
Thankfully customers are far better informed and educated these days so this is more a relic of the past. We have all heard the story about Uncle John who PX his old car because he got a thousand pounds more for his PX but he paid ?2000 more for the same car !!! It still happens !
3. Be honest with the description when we ring you up.
We are not fools and every PX deal we physically send an agent to check the vehicle condition.
If you have tried to be clever/ lied then its going to unravel pretty unquickly.
e.g mileage, condition, spare keys, service history, vehicle interior.
This will slow down delivery by at least a week while we have to redo the  finance application.
It also makes everyone feel bad. You will get an attitude as you got caught out and blame us for you fibbing.
4. Get that settlement figure. We cant do this for you.
Most customers ask one question first which is “how much” and of course we cant answer that without knowing .
5. Cancel the finance direct debit.
Many finance companies won’t stop this automatically


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