Pioneer VREC DZ700DC Witness Camera

From £229.00 per month

Pioneer VREC DZ700DC Dual Zone Witness Camera 

  Camera only £190 + VAT   

Fitted When You Buy Van 

  add £139 + VAT for fitting 
Please check as we can’t access all dealers 
that supply us. 


The Pioneer VREC DZ700DC. This is our favourite witness camera and the one we always fall back to fit at the moment. Its perfect for vans as it has a list of features that its hard to find for a decent price on other brands

  • 2 Channel recording front and back with wide view so it can record theft and damage when parked
  • Parking mode records when vibration is detected. For example if parts are removed or window breaks and it shakes the van.
  • 24/7 Security when hard wired in by us. It automatically records on impact 24/7
  • Sony “Starvis’ sensors front and rear for nighttime number plate recognition
  • 16 GB SD card included in the price
  • Hard wire available
  • WIFI for sharing the footage. Pioneer have a App so you can check recorded videos on your phone for ease.
  • GPS Tracking which is essential for insurance claims
  • 10 HD

We think the Pioneer VREC DZ700DC is the best witness camera on the market. We can either sell this to you with your new van or actually fit it for you. We are limited in which dealer we can fit this at as some are just too far away and others just not cooperative.
Official Pioneer website here

The Pioneer VREC DZ700DC makes perfect sense with the sheer volume of traffic on the road. How many times have you wished that you had a witness camera to back you up or even just show others how your day was.
The roads are full of idiots and this is one of the best tools for stopping them