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Peugeot Boxer Luton

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The Peugeot Boxer Luton box van with its high payload and large load area is perfect for pallet and freight transporting – a tidy box van to take you and your cargo places.  

If removals or deliveries are your trade, then try the sturdy Peugeot Boxer Luton, it’s just the ticket. With its lightweight body hooked onto the chassis and extending over the cab for small cargo storage and better fuel economy (aerodynamic), this box van guarantees you a safe arrival.

The Luton’s long-lasting composite panels on galvanised steel aluminium also provides good payload and can only be bettered by the optional lightweight body (80kg of extra load space). Loads are secured with a standard load securing system, where load locking straps and tie rails at set heights give you a bunch of securing options. And while the birch floor is 100% replaceable, by butting up to a durable kick strip on the lower bulkhead, it is quite protected.

The rear door is a lightweight alloy roller shutter (with locking), which easily lifts to reveal the load floor inside – well-lit by a bright LED interior light of low power drain. Practical features include plastic wheel arches and mud spray supress flaps, while optional extras include a 500kg tail lift, rear barn doors, load lock tracks, tie rails and load lashing rings. 

Yes, it is a roomy van. Peugeot’s Boxer Luton offers 2 lengths (based on the Boxer L3/4 Single Cab), The longer version (L4) provides the highest volume body, up to 20m3, while standard builds have payloads of 979-1,147kg. Dimension-wise, L2 Single Cab/L3 Crew Cab widths are 2,026mm, while the lengths do differ. 2,870mm and 2,670mm for L2 single and L3 crew versions. Overall lengths on the L2 Single Cabs are 5,895mm (payload 1,222kg) and 6,100mm (payload 1,033kg) for L3 Crew Cabs.


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