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The Ford Transit Luton



As a business owner, you understand the importance of having reliable equipment. Among the many tools at your disposal, your choice of commercial vehicle can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your operations. You need something reliable, economical, and capable of meeting the demands of your business. This is where the new Ford Transit Luton comes in.

The Ford Transit Luton is not just a van; it’s a versatile and capable working vehicle designed with businesses in mind. It’s a product of Ford’s long-standing commitment to producing high-quality commercial vehicles, a reputation dating back to the Ford Model T, the van that revolutionised transportation in the early 20th century.

With the new Ford Transit Luton, you have a vehicle that combines performance, comfort, and utility in one package. It offers a vast load space, excellent fuel efficiency, and a range of smart technology features, making it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of commercial operations.

Key Features of the New Ford Transit Luton

The new Ford Transit Luton is packed with features designed to enhance your business operations. One of the standout aspects is the generous load space. The Luton body style allows for a larger, fully enclosed load area compared to standard panel vans, making it an excellent choice for businesses that require ample space for cargo.

In addition to its impressive load capacity, the Ford Transit Luton offers advanced technology for enhanced connectivity and safety. It comes equipped with Ford’s SYNC 3 system, allowing you to stay connected while on the move. It also includes a host of safety features, such as Pre-Collision Assist, Lane-Keeping System, and Driver Alert, to help you and your cargo arrive safely.

Furthermore, the new Ford Transit Luton is designed for comfort. The cabin is crafted to act as a mobile office, with comfortable seating, excellent visibility, and plenty of storage compartments. This attention to driver comfort and convenience allows for increased productivity during long days on the road.

Why Choose Ford Transit Luton for Commercial Use?

Choosing a commercial vehicle involves considering various factors like cost, reliability, cargo space, and fuel efficiency. The Ford Transit Luton ticks all these boxes, making it an excellent choice for commercial use.

Firstly, the Ford Transit Luton is a reliable workhorse. It’s built with durability in mind, designed to withstand the rigours of daily commercial use. This reliability means fewer maintenance issues, less downtime, and more productivity for your business.

Secondly, the Ford Transit Luton is incredibly versatile. With its spacious cargo area, it can accommodate a wide range of loads, making it suitable for different types of businesses. Whether you’re delivering goods, transporting equipment, or moving large items, the Transit Luton can handle it.

Finally, the Ford Transit Luton offers excellent fuel efficiency. This is a crucial factor for businesses looking to reduce operating costs. With the Transit Luton, you can expect lower fuel consumption, which translates to significant savings in the long run.

Comparing Ford Transit Luton with Other Commercial Vehicles

When compared to other commercial vehicles in its class, the Ford Transit Luton stands out in several areas. Its combination of cargo space, performance, comfort, and technology features sets it apart from the competition.

Other commercial vehicles may offer similar load capacities, but few can match the Transit Luton’s overall package. The Luton’s body style provides superior flexibility and ease of loading and unloading, making it a more practical choice for many businesses.

In terms of performance, the Ford Transit Luton is equipped with a robust and efficient engine that delivers ample power while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. This balance of power and economy is something that many other commercial vehicles struggle to achieve.

Finally, the Ford Transit Luton offers superior comfort and technology features. From the comfortable cabin to the advanced safety systems and connectivity options, the Transit Luton is designed to make your workday easier and more efficient.

Performance and Efficiency of Ford Transit Luton

The Ford Transit Luton is designed to deliver strong performance without compromising on efficiency. It’s powered by Ford’s advanced EcoBlue diesel engine, which offers a great balance of power and fuel economy. This means you can expect strong pulling power, even when fully loaded, while also benefiting from lower fuel costs.

The Transit Luton also features an advanced transmission system that ensures smooth and efficient gear changes. This, combined with the vehicle’s excellent aerodynamics, further enhances its fuel efficiency.

In terms of handling, the Ford Transit Luton offers a smooth and stable ride, even when fully loaded. Its responsive steering and strong braking system ensure that you remain in control at all times, making it a pleasure to drive.

Cost-effectiveness of Ford Transit Luton for Businesses

For businesses, the cost of running a commercial vehicle is a significant factor. The Ford Transit Luton excels in this area, offering a cost-effective solution for your transportation needs.

The vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency translates to lower running costs, saving you money on fuel. Additionally, the Transit Luton’s reliability and durability mean fewer maintenance issues, reducing your overall maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the Ford Transit Luton’s generous load capacity allows you to transport larger loads in fewer trips, saving you time and money. Plus, with Ford’s competitive pricing and flexible finance options, acquiring a Transit Luton for your business is a viable and affordable option.

User Reviews and Experiences with Ford Transit Luton

The Ford Transit Luton has received positive reviews from users across various industries. Business owners praise its reliability, load capacity, and fuel efficiency, all of which contribute to its excellent value for money.

Many users also highlight the vehicle’s comfort and advanced technology features. From the comfortable cabin to the handy connectivity options, the Transit Luton is designed to make your workday easier and more productive.

These positive user experiences underscore the Ford Transit Luton’s position as a leading choice for businesses, further reinforcing its status as the ultimate choice for commercial use.

Ford Transit Luton: A Look into the Future of Commercial Vehicles

The Ford Transit Luton represents the future of commercial vehicles. It embodies the latest advancements in vehicle technology, from its fuel-efficient EcoBlue engine to its advanced safety systems and connectivity features.

The vehicle’s design also points towards the future. Its spacious and flexible load area, combined with its comfortable and well-equipped cabin, sets a new standard for commercial vehicles. It shows that utility and comfort can go hand in hand, paving the way for future commercial vehicles.

As we look towards the future, it’s clear that the Ford Transit Luton will continue to play a crucial role in helping businesses operate more efficiently and effectively.

How to Acquire a Ford Transit Luton for Your Business?

Acquiring a Ford Transit Luton for your business is a straightforward process. You can visit a Ford dealership, where knowledgeable sales staff can guide you through the available options and help you choose a Transit Luton that best fits your business needs.

Alternatively, you can also explore Ford’s commercial vehicle website, where you can find detailed information about the Transit Luton, including its specifications, features, and pricing. You can also use the website to request a quote or arrange a test drive.

Remember, acquiring a Ford Transit Luton is an investment in your business. It’s a tool that can help increase your productivity, reduce your operating costs, and ultimately contribute to your business’s success.


In conclusion, the new Ford Transit Luton is indeed the ultimate choice for commercial use. Its combination of load capacity, reliability, fuel efficiency, comfort, and advanced technology features sets it apart from other commercial vehicles.

Whether you’re running a delivery service, a construction business, or any other operation that requires a reliable and capable commercial vehicle, the Ford Transit Luton is a choice you won’t regret. It’s an investment that will pay dividends in terms of increased productivity and reduced costs.

So, why wait? Discover the benefits of the new Ford Transit Luton today and take your business to new heights.



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Luton Van Upgrades

We offer a huge variety of upgrades for bespoke Luton builds and quite a few for stock Luton vans for sale or lease too. Please note though that upgrades on bespoke builds will add to the delivery time. AVERAGE BESPOKE LUTON BUILD IS 12 MONTHS.

Most of the following upgrades can be added to your finance agreement. For more straightforward extras like additional tie rails, we ask our customers to find a local Luton builder with whom we can cooperate, as it’s much faster this way. Easy Upgrades Available of Stock or Custom Vans

  • Reversing cameras
  • Sat nav
  • Improved infotainment system
  • Driver-tracking systems
  • Remote vehicle immobilization
  • Leather seats and alloy wheels (really)
  • Vehicle coatings to repel dirt
  • Sign-writing and LED-advertising systems
  • Load locks and extra tie rails.
  • Tail lifts (sometime but not always: it depends on the builder!)

Even More Upgrade Options for Bespoke Luton Vans

  • Sleeping pod
  • Lightweight GRP Hex panels for a weight reduction of up to 80kg
  • Additional lighting inside
  • Extra-strong floor
  • Refrigeration
  • Tail lifts (150kg standard weight) and extra-low-weight tail lifts (~80kg weight)
  • D-Day doors (for low loaders)
  • Additional security such as rear or roller-shutter slamlocks

We love to give our customers plenty of choice, so at Swiss Vans, we supply both ready-made, manufacturer-built Luton vans and bespoke builds. People are often in a rush when it comes to buying a Luton as they are so expensive to rent, so there often aren’t many about, but do our best to keep a decent stock. You never know when you might need one! As all Luton vans are handmade, you’ll see the tool marks of the craftsmen who made your van regardless of the make and model, but some builds are more standard than others. And if you’re after a truly bespoke Luton van, you may need to get Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) for the build, but we can talk you though that a little more. This is not a huge deal, but bear in mind that it can add another month or two to the delivery time (at least 12 weeks from when the chassis is in stock for basic bespoke builds). It’s one reason why stock Lutons are much more popular than custom builds! Here are a few basic facts about Lutons and Luton builds. If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

  • Most (if not all) are made from GRP (glass-reinforced plastic, or a type of fibreglass) over marine ply. It’s lightweight, maintenance-free, and it resists minor knocks. Although Lutons were made with more aluminium in the past, this rarely happens now due to the cost: aluminium is expensive compared to GRP. And GRP Hex is also lighter: sometimes it’s even possible to save up to 80kg on an overall build.
  • All Luton vans have an aerodynamic pod that extends over the cab. This is great for lighter items; its maximum load weight is about 75kg. (It’s worth noting that many manufacturers use roof aerials, and often these will protrude into the pod.)
  • It’s possible to add a sleeper pod instead of the aerodynamic pod; this sleeper pod can be accessed from inside the cargo area.
  • Most Luton vans have a load length of approximately 4 metres, but with a bespoke build, you can go to maybe 4.8 metres on some chassis, especially if they’ve been extended.
  • Almost every Luton van can have a tail lift fitted. Although tail lifts add a lot to the convenience of the vehicle and ease of loading / unloading, they typically weigh 150kg, and that gets subtracted from the overall payload. Dell and Radcliffe seem to be the most popular brands as far as we can tell, but as tail lifts are not always a stock item, this is another instance where it might be better to take a stock vehicle already fitted with one if and when you can. That said though, if weight is an issue for you and you’re prepared for the potential of an extra wait time, be aware that it is possible to get lightweight tail lifts — that weigh as little as 80kg — at an additional cost.
  • Luton rear doors are always roller shutter unless you’re having a bespoke van built. Then, you could consider the alternatives — bar doors and D-Day doors — if the standard roller doors won’t work for you. D-Day doors can split in half and serve as a loading ramp, so they could be very useful depending on your circumstances.
  • As standard, most Luton vans come with a single row of tie rails. More can be added, but it’s cheaper and faster on a stock Luton for customers to sort this themselves after delivery. The average cost at UK Luton builders is about £100 per row, and you would almost certainly be looking to go to one of these builders as it’s often impossible to send a Luton back to the manufacturer for small extras. At least if you want them in any kind of reasonable timeframe!
  • Some customers go for what’s called a low-loader Luton van. The difference between this and a standard Luton is that the chassis on the low-loader accommodates the wheels on either side of the floorplan, so loading is easier. As an extra benefit, low-loaders don’t normally need tail lifts as they’re already pretty close to the ground.

Swiss Vans realise that many Luton Van customers are start up customers and often moved from abroad. We can help. We offer small numbers of Ford Transit Luton vans for 12 months rent. We can often say yes when high street lenders say no. Payments are taken on direct debit. There is a £15 a month tracker charge. Any damage is invoiced and paid in one lump sum at the end. This cannot be spread as we are NOT a bank but a business with monthly outgoings the same as you.

  • Mileage limit 2000 miles per month
    Anything over 2000 miles a month 50 P per mile paid in that month.
    Anything under will roll over
  • You must collect from South Wales for security
  • There is a tracker to make sure you don’t forget to pay or decide to tamper with the odometer
  • We still run credit checks and if its bad we cant help


Some of the Ford Transit Luton Vans we offer are 
“one offs” These are bespoke builds down by roughly the 50 odd luton builders in the UK where the customer has cancelled. We act as a clearance warehouse buying and selling this stock off.

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