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Mercedes Marco Polo

From £503.00 +VAT per month

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Check Out Mercedes Marco Polo Brochure

If you are as excited as we are check out the brochure on the Marco Polo


  • This model does not have a kitchen
  • Folding bed
  • From £400 a month
  • Electric air heater
  • Extended seat rail system on some models
  • Carpeted floor
  • Ambient lighting

The New Mercedes Marco Polo is incredibly good value in comparision to the Ford Nuggett and the VW Camper vans both of which we sell. The Mercedes just seems to have a lot more class than the others. There are two main models.
The Horizon is a a cheaper entry version that lacks a kitchen. The rear seats are of the “rock and roll ‘ kind that turn into a bed with a few clicks.
The non Horizon (its a bit confusing ) actually has a roof mounted bed and a pop up factory roof. The price difference isnt actually that great.
We think the version with the kitchen will be much more popular however.
There are actually three trim levels which is typical for Mercedes. The standard, the Sport and the AMG. Mercedes alwys seem to offer body kits on their cars


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