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How To Order A Van




How to order a van

We would like to think that we try and make buying a new van as easy as possible.
We are here 6 days a week often until late at night to help you. Our girls and guys are good and really want to give you the best deal and keep you coming back for more and more vans, finance and customisation work.

1. Give us a call with your van choice. We won’t deal with “email me now and only by email ” customers its our choice.
We will have a good chat and listen and ask some questions and about you and your business and try and select what type of van is best and what type of finance package. Most of what we sell is in stock ready for immediate delivery or collection.
2. We will send a written email of what we discussed and call you the next day and take a deposit and a finance proposal. In most cases customers will ring us first as we are quoting on a live van and there is a real danger of it getting snapped up before.
3. If you pass we will send a written order conformation if you fail return your deposit.
In some cases we have secondary funders whom will often accept you but often the balloons are lower causing payments to rise. This is delicate as if you go sending finance props all over the county you can often do more damage than good. Remember your first acceptance is likely to be your best acceptance. We will never know why you fail and lenders will contact you directly not us.
4. You sign the order confirmation electronically and we send you out the paperwork.
You have just bought a van …..
The longer you take to return paperwork the longer delivery is. In fact its the slowest part of the process getting customers to return phone calls, documents etc etc. We will ask for original driver licences and passports and refusal will automatically cancel the deal. Its fraud prevention, and of course a fraudster wouldn’t be able to send these in.
5. If the van is having very basic work we can often deliver it straight to your front door
or if its coming to Swiss HQ it will come to us instead of course for a paid delivery or you to collect. If you have a PX then this will be sorted at the same time.
Some Standard Fords will come to Swiss where the Ford Dealer has been deemed unreliable.
6. We ring you after collection or delivery to check you are happy and to see is you have any friends looking to buy.

Proofs Of Address Example

Dear  (Customer Name),

Once again thank you for your business,

You are about to soon receive your finance documents for E-Signature from Swiss Vans . These can be electronically signed and we will receive them pretty much instantly.

We need to verify you personally and will need you to post your proof of identity. Whilst you are doing this we will need these verified.

To verify your proof of identity you have a couple of options to get these stamped:-

1.    Post office

2.    Bank Manager

3.    Accountant

4.    Solicitor

5.    FCA Regulated Entity

The easiest option will be to post your original Drivers Licence / Passport and whilst doing this have the Post office to verify.

We do have an alternative and this will be to Face time / Video call us once we receive your driver’s licence / Passport.

There is no way around this and need this to enable the finance company to pay out on the vehicle and finalize any delivery bookings.

VW Crafter Tipper
T6 VW Transporter
VW Van Leasing
Lease removal van
Automatic Van Sales
New VW Transporter
Ford Transit Lease

Van Finance

Best Ways Of  Van Finance  
At Swiss we have literally most funders on the market and will introduce you to the best value. Our aim is to help you grow your fleet 
and become your natural choice to replace vehicles. 
– Van Hire purchase – VAT down and VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months. 
– Van Leasing 
Small deposits from one payment in advance to 50% of the van price. Its 100% tax deductible so great fir new start companies that have start up costs. Is the favourite way for many manufacturers so often attracts the greatest discounts. Its more flexible than contract hire. 
– Lease Purchase
Not all manufactures support this method so often pre registered vans are the way to go. This is because you take ownerships automatically and they worry it will affect residual values. Ask us first as often you cant get a private plate on this method. Its very much like HP but more suited to VAT registered companies as they can claim the VAT back of course. If you are flat rate VAT this is the one for you. 
– Van Contract Hire 
Great for larger fleets that want to control costs but its seldom sold to smaller users as its quite restrictive. Many ask for it because  they have asked for it in the past. Some mistakenly think there is no credit check check but there is.