Fridge Vans For Sale

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Bespoke Fridge & Freezer Van Conversions

Conversions from £85 a month plus van cost

Tell us what you goods you carry.

We will suggest the best van and price


Fridge Vans For Sale. No matter what your industruy we can combine Swiss Cheap prices with an affordable van solution. What we are not is a fridge or freezer van builder but often we can offer you a much better service and price than the builders themselves. Crazy but true.
There is a very limited margin in the actual fridge or freezer conversion thus its often cheaper and faster to involve us. Many customers have used the same fridge conversion companies again and again for years and are paying over the odds. We think its unfair to not reward loyalty.
Some manufactures we use
Hubbard Fridge Technology

Chill out and let Swiss do the Work

  • You can choose the donor fridge vehicle as often the fridge van conversion cost is similar. VW Mercedes Ford. Choose the size of the van.
    The easiest way is to tell us what your delivering and how often and we can do the rest.
  • You can choose the level of freezer van aftercare post sales.
    We have the very cheapest where you are literally on your own other than manufactueres guarantees
    Or pay more and have a more local or national service. The only limit is cost.
  • Popular vans VW Transporter Fridge Vans, Mercedes Sprinter Freezer Vans,
  • Service plans available UK wide

Choose your fridge or freezer van

  • Low temp 16 – 18 degrees
  • Chiller vans 0 – 18 degrees
  • Deep freeze -25 degrees
  • Length of working day
    3- 6 hours
    8- 10 hours
  • Number of door openings per hour
    8 plus
  • Type of goods. Packed goods, open wet goods.
    Ambient compartments
    Wet floors
    Fish vans
    Cold Food delivery vans
    Butchers vans
    Standby and non standby

Panel Van Refrigeration

Choose from any panel van from a small van such as VW Caddy or a Citroen Berlingo. Remember that in some cases its more expensive to keep use of the side load door as this requires a Pod. The vans are lined intenally and this will invaribly loose some of the volume. Additional some of the fridge units are located inside the van, so of course you can loose some volume and especially height. Pictures of what you carry can help us a great deal.

Box Body Van

If you need space then a box body is the solution. Choose from our proven range of VW, Mercedes and Ford Manufacturers and let us do the work.
These fridge van conversions can be made as multi drop capability. Choose your bespoke conversion depending on what you drop. Many want vans similar to Tescos Fridge vans and supermarket delivery vehicles. Compartmentalise the conversion. Thse vans will typically start from £1000 a month on a lease new but allow a little for a maintenance contract too. We tend not to allow ballons on mutidrop Box Body fridge vans.
Hubbard even offer “silent refridgeration” by means of gel filled beams that are frozen the night before. Maybe the worlds largest ice pack?

Electric Fridge & Freezer Vans

If you need one you need one . These are starting to become available. The choice of chilling is of course very limited and you cannot go for a traditional engine powered product.

Upgrades to Fridge & Freezer Vans

  • Shelving and lighting, hygeniene conversions
  • Temperature recording

Fridge Van Options

All bespoke fridge and freezer van conversions can be upgraded with some really useful time saving features. Is its a stock vehicle then of course it can’t.

  • Hygenic floors that are totally sealed to allow washing out with ease.
    Cages and drain holes. LED lighting
    Non slip floors
    Pallet protection for the floor
    Hanging hooks and butchers meat rails for larger vans
    Condenser recess pod
    Load lock poles on box vans to allow roller cages to be carried safely
    Checker plating in steel
  • Anything electronic from mobile broadband, CCTV, Temperature Recorders, vehicle tracking and data transmission.
    Witness cameras
    Steps, towbars