Ford Transit Custom WASP

Ford Transit Custom WASP

From £394.00 +VAT per month

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The Ford Transit Custom is an amazing van. Reliable, versatile: a proven workhorse with a dedicated following. The thing is though, it doesn’t necessarily look… cool. Here at Swiss Vans, we love our vans for their fantastic functionality, but we also want to spend our days in something with a bit of style. That’s why we decided to create affordable body kits for the Transit Custom back in 2013 (seems like a lifetime ago now!) and why we keep developing and refining our great upgrades.

If you’re after a Transit Custom but just wish it had a bit more curb appeal, allow us to suggest our Ford Transit Custom WASP. Super stylish, eminently economical, and with a look guaranteed to turn heads, our WASP upgrades take an everyday van and make it exceptional. 

We can apply the WASP kit to either a Transit Custom panel van or a DCiV (Double Cab-in-Van). The difference between the two is down to whether you need plenty of cargo space — up to 6.8m3 in the panel van — or you need seating for up to six people plus a decent 4.4m3 of cargo-carrying capacity. The WASP kit also works with our very own Swiss Double-Cab conversions, so no worries if you can’t get hold of a factory DCiV but need the extra seats and the extra sophistication of a modified Ford Transit Custom.
Our other similar vans include the Ford Transit Custom Urban and the Ford Transit Custom Trail& Active

From just £394 +VAT per month, the gorgeous Transit Custom WASP includes:

  • 18” alloy wheels 
  • Front WASP splitter
  • Rear spoiler
  • Side bars

We’re also always happy to talk extras and add-ons, so if you want something more, ask! We can add optional roof styling rails, interior upgrades, and other exterior enhancements, so the only limits really are your creativity and budget. And as our upgraded vans usually retain their value much better than standard, factory models, you could even see the WASP kit as an investment.

Give us a call at Swiss Vans today if the Transit Custom WASP sounds like the perfect van for you. While our modifications do extend the delivery time a little — they usually take around six-eight weeks — they’re absolutely worth the wait and never fail to delight our customers. 

You could also have a look at our Transit Custom Hornet and Transit Custom WASP ICE for a different take on things. Whichever you decide to choose, we’re sure that you’ll love it.


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