Ford Transit Custom Active & Trail Swamper

From £329.00 per month

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New for 2020 Ford Transit Custom Trail & Active Swamper. A “Swamper” is a van thats gone in the opposite direction to lowering. Chunky tyres, black ABS plastic give it an off road appearance but dont be tempted as its the same as the standard van.
There are three models of Swamper. A basic active version that looks like a SUV ,ad an actual Active version in 4WD.
In addition we can take any Transit Custom and make it a full Swamper at our workshops in Wales. This is a handmade unique conversion that takes at least a month to convert from a stock vehicle.

Active Model –
2WD with chunky off road looks. We will stock this van in bulk for late 2020.
All models are available as a DCIV Double Cab, Tourneo and panel van.

Trail Model
4WD version so less MPG and worse availability. Many customers will wish a custom factory order and we are happy to do this but ask a 20% deposit against cancellation. We anticipate that no more Ethan 500 units of the Trail will be available for the whole of the UK per year.

The first deliveries are likely October 2020 onwards. Prices are not available but ringing with a £3000 despot will reserve you one of the first sold that we have

The Transit Custom Active can be customised in the same way as the WASP as a Swamper. Official site

New Ford Transit Custom Swamper Trail Version

Ford Transit Custom Active

£329 month

– 17 inch alloy wheels or upgrade to offload
– Signature active mesh grille
– Extra cladding on the wheel arches done by Ford themselves
– Standard roof rails
– Front wheel drive 2WD to keep costs down.
– Availability poor unless its our pre ordered stock. 6-9 months for a factory order.

Ford Transit Custom Trail

£399 a month in 4WD

As above but 4 wheel drive
– Leather seats
– Based on Limited spec
– Drive mode controller on dashboard
– Transit Trail’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive technology

– Availability poor unless its one of our pre ordered stock vans. Typical factory order 6- 9 months. Whole UK supply estimated to be no more than 500 units

Ford Transit Custom Full Swamper

From £600 a month or £39,000 + VAT

A hand finished van with an upgraded suspension built to order.
Collect from Wales only
– Lifted suspension
– 17 inch alloys with grabber tyres
– Snorkel
– Rear bike rack optional
– Under engine protection
– Min deposit up front £5,000 to start work

Transit Custom Front Splitters

Our Transit Custom vans are available with 4 different designs of front splitter.
Although we sell mainly the WASP and Hornet we can of course produce a hybrid for you. Availability does vary however.

1. WASP 1  splitter. First done in March 2013. Its the most copied splitter ever. Typically £10 a month
2. Hornet splitter. Typically £18 a month
3. WASP 2 splitter. Typically £18 a month
4. WASP 3 splitter. Typically £18 a month