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Exclusive Ford Transit Custom Trail Lease Offers

In an ever-evolving commercial vehicle market, the demand for reliable, versatile, and cost-effective solutions has led to a significant interest in the Ford Transit Custom Trail. Ideal for businesses looking for an off-road capable van with the robustness to tackle challenging terrains, the Ford Transit Custom Trail lease offers provide an attractive proposition. These deals not only meet the practicality and performance requirements but also present an opportunity for advantageous finance options, highlighting the importance of this vehicle in the current market. With features tailored to enhance its off-road capabilities alongside a suite of modern amenities, the Ford Transit Custom Trail stands out as a formidable option for businesses and adventurers alike.

This article delves into the specifics of the Ford Transit Custom Trail, showcasing its key features and specifications that set it apart from the competition. Readers will gain insight into the benefits of leasing as opposed to outright purchase, with a special focus on the exclusive Ford Transit Custom Trail lease offers currently available. Additionally, a comparison with competitors provides a comprehensive understanding of its placement in the market. Further sections will guide prospective leasers through the necessary steps to secure a lease, offer answers to frequently asked questions about the process, and conclude with a summarization of why the Ford Transit Custom Trail, especially with its 2024 specification updates, represents a strategic choice for businesses and individuals seeking a balance of performance and finance.

Overview of Ford Transit Custom Trail

The Ford Transit Custom Trail is tailored for businesses and individuals who require a vehicle that is both robust and sophisticated. Its design and features cater to those needing a dependable van capable of navigating challenging terrains without compromising on comfort or utility.

Exterior Features

At first glance, the Ford Transit Custom Trail projects an image of rugged utility, ready to tackle demanding environments. It features a unique Trail grille and skid-plate that not only enhance its visual appeal but also emphasise its off-road capabilities. The exterior is equipped with dual heated mirrors that have auto power fold functionality, aiding in tight maneuvers and ensuring durability with their body-coloured integration. Additionally, the van boasts fixed DSS LED headlamps for the internal combustion engine versions, providing efficient and safe illumination during nighttime driving. The inclusion of front and rear mud flaps helps maintain cleanliness and reduces road debris accumulation, further reinforcing its practical design.

Interior Comfort and Utility

Stepping inside the Ford Transit Custom Trail reveals a cabin that expertly blends ruggedness with comfort. The cargo area is well-lit with super-bright load compartment lights, facilitating efficient loading and unloading even in low-light conditions. The van includes several convenient features such as an interior grab handle with a dedicated sunglasses holder and a Sensico gear shift knob designed for durability. For passenger comfort, the Trail comfort dual passenger seat is a notable addition, and the heated seats provide warmth during colder weather. Practicality is further enhanced with a front seat tray table that serves as a workspace or meal area during journeys.

Performance and Capability

The Ford Transit Custom Trail is equipped with significant enhancements to tackle off-road conditions. All-Wheel Drive is standard when paired with an automatic transmission, providing optimal traction and performance on uneven terrains. For manual transmission variants, the Mechanical Limited-Slip Differential (mLSD) offers increased control and stability. This combination of features ensures that the Ford Transit Custom Trail is not only capable of adventurous undertakings but also meets the demands of daily tasks efficiently.

Versatility and Options

The Trail version is available in every body style within the wider Custom range, including two lengths, two roof heights, and the versatile five-seat Double Cab In-Van configuration. This variety ensures that there is a Ford Transit Custom Trail to suit a range of needs, whether for business use or family outings. The visual updates and rugged enhancements like the mLSD and optional all-season tyres make the Transit Custom Trail a formidable choice for those who value both functionality and style in their commercial vehicle.

In conclusion, the Ford Transit Custom Trail stands out as a top choice for those seeking a vehicle that combines the practicality of a standard van with the rugged appeal of a more adventure-ready vehicle. Its comprehensive range of features and configurations ensures that it can meet a variety of needs while providing a reliable and enjoyable driving experience.

Benefits of Leasing a Ford Transit Custom Trail

Financial Benefits

Leasing a Ford Transit Custom Trail is particularly advantageous for businesses and individuals looking to manage their finances more efficiently. One of the primary benefits is the lower upfront payment required compared to purchasing a new vehicle outright. This initial cost-saving allows for better allocation of funds across other business areas or personal expenses. Additionally, lessees benefit from fixed monthly payments throughout the lease term, simplifying budgeting and cash flow management. These payments are often considered business expenses, providing the added advantage of potential tax deductions from taxable income.

Flexibility and Convenience

The lease terms for a Ford Transit Custom Trail typically range from 2 to 5 years, offering significant flexibility to adapt to changing fleet requirements or personal needs without long-term commitments. This flexibility is crucial for businesses that experience fluctuations in demand or those looking to upgrade their vehicles regularly to keep up with the latest technologies and efficiencies. Moreover, leasing arrangements often include options for maintenance and servicing as part of the monthly cost, which can significantly reduce the hassle and expense of vehicle upkeep. At the end of the lease term, the vehicle is simply returned to the lessor, allowing for an easy transition to a new lease or different vehicle model as needed.

Key Features and Specifications

The Ford Transit Custom Trail offers a comprehensive range of features and specifications that cater to a variety of business and personal needs, making it a versatile choice in the commercial vehicle market.

Engine Options

The Ford Transit Custom Trail is available with multiple engine choices to suit different performance needs and environmental considerations. The EcoBlue Diesel models come with options ranging from 110 PS to 170 PS, including both manual and automatic transmissions, with the higher-powered engines supporting All-Wheel Drive (AWD) configurations. For those looking for a greener alternative, the Plug-In Hybrid variant features a 2.5-litre petrol engine paired with an 11.8kWh battery, offering 35 miles of electric-only driving and a power output of 227 PS. Additionally, the All-Electric model delivers up to 236 miles of range, providing substantial capability for longer journeys without emissions.

Internal and External Design

Internally, the Ford Transit Custom Trail is designed to double as a mobile office, featuring a unique tilting steering wheel that facilitates a range of activities from office work to taking breaks. The flexible dual front passenger seat includes under-seat storage large enough for laptops and other office essentials, enhancing organizational capacity. Externally, the vehicle is equipped with optional Power Side Load Doors, which simplify access to the load area, making it easier to manage cargo while keeping hands free.

The design also includes a new flat cab floor, which increases the space available inside the cabin, allowing for easier movement and additional storage solutions. The exterior styling of the Sport models is enhanced with distinctive features such as go-faster stripes and a rear spoiler, which not only improve the aesthetic appeal but also underscore the vehicle’s robust nature.

In conclusion, the Ford Transit Custom Trail is equipped with advanced features that support a wide range of business applications, from heavy-duty hauling to efficient urban transport, making it a top choice for those seeking a reliable and adaptable vehicle solution.

Comparison with Competitors

When evaluating the Ford Transit Custom Trail against its competitors, two prominent rivals emerge: the Volkswagen Transporter and the Mercedes-Benz Vito. Each offers unique attributes and challenges to the Ford model in different ways.

Volkswagen Transporter

The Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 stands as a formidable competitor, renowned for its blend of iconic design and modern functionality. Since its inception in 1950, the Transporter has carved a significant niche in the medium-sized van market, appealing to both die-hard VW enthusiasts and those seeking a practical van. The T6.1 model, with its facelift, introduces a bolder aesthetic through a striking front grille and LED headlights, coupled with a prominent VW badge that enhances its road presence.

Internally, the Transporter T6.1 offers a clean design with intuitive placement of controls and a central infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The multifunction steering wheel and comfortable armrests enrich the driving experience, making it both enjoyable and functional. Payload capacities range from 688 to 1,278 kg, with engine options including several TDI variants, although the absence of petrol engines in the latest models could be a limiting factor for some users.

Critically acclaimed for its practicality and driving comfort, the Transporter maintains a strong resale value and cost-effectiveness, despite not being the cheapest option on the market. Its versatility extends to various uses, from cargo transport to custom campervan conversions, showcasing a legacy that blends traditional utility with contemporary demands.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

The Mercedes-Benz Vito, competing in a market dominated by models like Toyota’s HiAce, presents a more premium option within the mid-size commercial van segment. Despite its lower market share, the Vito distinguishes itself through a combination of sophisticated design and robust performance. The Vito’s design features alloy wheels, chrome grille highlights, and a sleek paint job that elevate its aesthetic beyond typical commercial vehicles.

The Vito’s interior, while offering a comfortable driving position and multiple seat adjustments, is noted for its premium feel, which contrasts with the more utilitarian interiors of other vans. Its cargo bay is accessible via sliding doors on each side and offers a competitive load volume of 6.0 cubic metres. The 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine adheres to stringent Euro 6 emissions standards, offering a blend of power and efficiency with a broad torque range ideal for heavy loads.

Driving the Vito reveals its strengths in daily operation and payload management. The nine-speed automatic transmission enhances driving comfort, and features like adaptive cruise control aid in maintaining efficient highway performance. Despite its premium pricing, the Vito’s operational economy and sophisticated features make it an attractive option for those prioritising comfort and style in their commercial vehicle choice.

In comparison, the Ford Transit Custom Trail offers distinct advantages and faces stiff competition from these established models, each bringing their unique strengths to the forefront of the commercial van market.

Steps to Lease a Ford Transit Custom Trail

Initial Research

Leasing a Ford Transit Custom Trail begins with thorough research and comparison. Prospective lessees should explore different configurations, models, and lease offers from authorized dealers and leasing companies. This initial step helps in identifying the most suitable deal that meets specific personal or business needs. At Swiss Vans, a dedicated team is available to assist customers through this process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Selecting the Right Deal

Once the research phase is complete, the next step involves selecting the right Ford Transit Custom configuration. This selection is crucial as it should align with the lessee’s requirements. If there is any uncertainty about which model to choose, expert advice is readily available to guide through the decision-making process. Additionally, potential lessees can customise their contract terms, including the initial rental payment, contract length, and annual mileage, to better fit their needs.

Finalising the Lease Process

The final steps in the leasing process include a credit check and gathering necessary documentation like proof of identity and financial statements. Once financial eligibility is assessed, it’s important to negotiate the lease terms, such as the duration, monthly payments, and mileage limits. Optional extras like servicing and maintenance can also be added to the plan. After agreeing on the terms, a test drive should be scheduled to experience the vehicle firsthand. A thorough inspection of the Ford Transit Custom Trail for any issues or damage is also advisable before signing the lease agreement. Once satisfied, the lease agreement can be signed, and the vehicle can be collected, marking the completion of the leasing process.

FAQs about Leasing a Ford Transit Custom Trail

Lease Duration

When considering leasing a Ford Transit Custom Trail, they offer flexible contract terms to accommodate a variety of needs, whether one is a personal buyer, sole trader, partnership, or limited company. The lease duration options range from 24 to 60 months, allowing one to choose the term that best fits their requirements.

Mileage Limits

Mileage terms are also adaptable, with options ranging from 5,000 to 40,000 miles per annum. This flexibility ensures that whether the van is used for light local duties or extensive travel, there is a suitable mileage package. It’s important to note that if one’s mileage needs change during the lease, they should inform their finance provider who can adjust the terms accordingly.

Maintenance and Insurance

Leasing a Ford Transit Custom Trail can include a comprehensive maintenance package, which covers:

  • Comprehensive breakdown cover for the duration of the contract
  • Scheduled servicing and MOT
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Unlimited like-for-like tyre replacement
  • Puncture repairs

It is mandatory to have fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the lease, ensuring full coverage in case of any incidents. For maintenance, the vehicle must be serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines at a Ford main dealer, and it’s crucial to maintain a record of this in the service book. The first MOT is required three years from registration and annually thereafter.

Regarding vehicle return, it’s essential to ensure the van is in good condition and passes its MOT. This includes maintaining proper documentation, spare keys, and any essential equipment. If one exceeds the contracted mileage, an excess mileage charge will apply upon the vehicle’s return. To avoid any issues, it’s advisable to have the vehicle professionally cleaned before returning it, as this can leave a positive impression and potentially mitigate any borderline wear and tear charges.


Through the comprehensive overview provided, the Ford Transit Custom Trail emerges as a formidable option for those seeking a blend of off-road capability and practicality, matched with financial flexibility offered through leasing. The exploration of its robust features, from advanced engine options to the flexibility in configuration, not only highlights its supremacy in meeting diverse needs but also positions it as a solid choice against industry rivals. It’s evident that whether for business operations or adventurous pursuits, the Ford Transit Custom Trail, coupled with exclusive lease offers, represents not just a vehicle of choice but a strategic asset.

The significance of this vehicle in the present market corroborates the growing trend towards versatile and financially viable transport solutions. As the narrative around commercial vehicles continues to evolve, with a leaning towards customisability, performance, and economic sense, the Ford Transit Custom Trail sets a benchmark for others to follow. Encouraging further exploration or consideration, it stands as a herald of tailored, efficient, and cost-effective vehicular solutions, making a compelling case for those standing on the threshold of opting for a lease over purchase in an ever-competitive commercial vehicle landscape.


1. Which Ford Transit Custom model is recommended for purchase?
The ideal Ford Transit Custom model to buy largely depends on your specific requirements. However, the 2.0 136 EcoBlue engine is highly recommended due to its superior payload and towing capacities within the model range.

2. What is the highest specification Ford Transit Custom available?
The Ford Transit Custom is offered in four different trim levels, ranging from the basic ‘Leader’ to the high-end ‘Sport’ trim. Each trim level offers varying specifications, so choosing the top of the range depends on your personal or business needs.

3. How do the Transit Custom ‘Trend’ and ‘Limited’ trims differ?
The ‘Trend’ and ‘Limited’ are both trim levels available for the Transit Custom, with ‘Limited’ being a higher specification than ‘Trend’. Choosing the ‘Trend’ trim adds features like front fog lights, front and rear parking sensors, automatic headlights and wipers, and cruise control to the van.

4. Is it possible to lease a van on an unlimited mileage plan?
While there is no official cap on mileage for leasing a van, most finance companies typically set a maximum of 50,000 miles per year or 180,000 miles for the duration of the lease agreement.


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