Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Ranger Wildtrack from £249 a month. Upgrade to Carbon Or Just Accessories


Deposit: £3500
60 x £268 / £Yes Balloon

In our opinion the Ford Ranger is the Best Pickup on the Market!

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Finance Lease

From £249 month

Lease Purchase

Ownership schemes on pre-registered Rangers Wildtrack

Contract Hire

Pay monthly over 2- 4 years and return vehicle at the end.


Upgrades and extras available for your Ranger

A strong and stylish vehicle for your business; the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is a lavish pick-up truck which has everything you need. At the top of the pecking order in the Ranger range, while you shift or tow those heavy loads, you will feel comfortable with a smooth drive and all the modern extras in the cab.

Coming in the Double Cab body, the Wildtrak can carry 5 people at any time. This means there is enough space to lug your workmates around while also carrying a load in the back. With the cool look of the Wildtrak, you’ll feel more than happy to take the family out for day trips, too. Whatever the need, the Ford Ranger can deliver.

The Ford Ranger can make light work of almost any load transporter, whether you’re towing a caravan or shifting work materials. You could be carrying passengers and cargo, all while towing at the same time. With a payload of just over a tonne and a towing capability of about 3500kg, the Ford Ranger means business and can do a job for yours.

There may be pre-registered vehicles which fit your business needs but if not you can lease a bespoke new Ranger through factory order.

Find out more about the Ranger Wildtrak here.

How to finance a Ford Ranger Wildtrak

At Swiss, we have different ways in which you can get behind the wheel of your own brand new Ford Ranger. Our sales team will speak to you about the options we have and which could be best suited to your needs. The price will depend on the vehicle you go for, the specification  and Sport extras you choose to include. Look out for our Ford Ranger lease 

The payment options are:

  • Hire purchase
  • Lease purchase
  • Outright purchase
  • Finance lease

We have pre-registered Ford Rangers for lease and for sale which can be delivered quicker than factory orders. Alternative pickup the Mercedes X Class 
or the New VW Amarok Lease

Call us today and our sales team will help you find the best vehicle at the best price for you.

Ranger Wildtrack Upgrades

Towbars Load liners Load liner paint Roll bars We have it all covered

Wildtrak Specifications

Top of the range; the Ford Ranger Wildtrak has many modern features to make you feel at home behind the wheel. If you wanted something lesser, you can go for the Limited or XLT models.

The Wildtrak specification includes:

  • 18” alloy wheels
  • Reversing camera
  • Titanium effect grille and sports bar
  • DAB Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Ford SYNC 3
  • Heated front seats
  • Power folding heated door mirrors
  • Rear privacy glass

We can include any additional extras you may need as part of your lease deal. These can be anything from towbars to load liners.

Check out the other Ford Ranger options we have at Swiss.

Van Finance

7  Ways Of Van Finance  
Most of our competitors tend to be leasing franchises that all sell the same “specials” that tend to be basic vans purchased at the same time by the hundred. Often the vans you are offered have sat around a while. They tend to prefer contract hire as it locks you into them for some time.
We work via banks rather than by these franchises so we are not as tied in so can offer more of an array of van finance deals. This is why our vans are fresher and  deals better. There is no leasing franchise taking a cut.
All methods are tax deductible.
All methods you should really have GAP Insurance Plicy incase the vehicle is written off. Many commerical insurance policies will not pay new for old.

Hire Purchase –
Contract hire –
Lease Purchase –
Finance Lease –
Operational Lease –
Asset finance-
Credit Limit –

  1. Hire purchase. VAT down or VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months.  Sometimes a pre registered van is checper. Click Here.
  2. Contract Hire. This is more popular on cars than vans. Many customers think there is no credit check but there is. Its better for large fleets and doesn’t offer any advantage for less than fleets of 10. If you want to change over 10 vehicles in one go and they are basic then please get in touch.
    Click here for contract hire
  3.  Lease purchase. Not always the best deal as some manufacturers offer discounts  that cannot be used on lease puchase. Its just like HP but with a final payment and once its paid you get automatic ownership. Its better once again for VAT registered businesses especially if you want a T6.1 for example to keep at the end and convert to a motorhome. Sometimes a pre registered van is cheaper. Click here
  4. Finance Lease- By far the most popular method as it attracts the lowest payments . Its gets the largest discounts from manufacturers same as contract hire. However you can fit accessories many of which you cant n contract hire

    GAP Insurance.
    If you write a vehicle off in say year one the insurance company may well pay you less than the settlement value. Thus through no fault of your own you may need to buy a older cheaper van to reach the same monthly payment. Click Here to buy a GAP Policy

  5. Is just like finance lease however you can hand back the vehicle at the end. Some of our Mercedes vans are like this
  6. We can finance many products not just vans
  7. Credit Limit. Pre approve your van purchases 90 days in advance. Useful  for example if you have a contract tender.

Pick Up Accessories

Pick Up Truck Accessories and upgrades. Swiss vans can fit a range of pick up truck accessories either at main dealers or by our own mobile fitters. We can add almost any official manufacturer accessory to you payments 

  • Load liners and specialist paint coatings like Raptor. These are essential to preventing the back from getting scratched or it will of course rust.
  • Hard tops of any shape or size. We supply anything from a hard top cover to a more ‘Truckman” style which has windows. There are literally dozens on the market and all come with their own particular manufacturers guarantees. Its only the manufactuer approved ones however that come with a 3 year national guarantee.
  • Hard tops can let in water due to the nature of their design. Thus a pickup truck is unsuitable really for anyone who has to keep the contents 100% dry
  • Roll bars
  • Upgrade your alloy wheels to something more appealing
  • Full range of Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine stereos and Satnav
    Reversing cameras, WIFI units, trackers and alarms. Some manufacturer units are a little basic and clunky. Units such as the Alpine HALO connect to a smart phone thus have all the benefits of Satnav without the price and a super huge scree for ease.
  • Sidebars, sidesteps
  • Leather upholstery
All prices subject to VAT. Images are for illustration purposes only.