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Finally you say we are selling ex lease vans direct to the trade.
To be included in trade we require some proof such as a Vehicle Trading company, trade insurance. Or better still a BCA account. Sorry in advance but we want to avoid wanna be van dealers who rock up a week later asking for an ashtray as they sold it on eBay etc.

For example.

Every van over £2000 will have a BCA report which includes pictures and a detailed report. If you bid thats what you will be invoiced and please pay that day. If there is an issue like keys missing then thats what we speak about later not before.
Every vehicle will have a V5 and MOT and be in a roadworthy condition unless stated
The price is based on you collecting after payment. We can deliver ask for a price, normally from £1.5 a mile plus fuel.
If you dont have premises we can prepare the van and deliver after payment, including and MOT and inspection for retail.
We have a little circle of buyers who benefit from used vans, that simply never normally reach auctions as they are simply too good.
Some are sold to trade such as VW Dealers
Others to BCA Auctions.

We buy nice vans for cash such as Vito, Custom and T6

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