Electronic Van Gadgets

From per month


The first thing to say is we cannot fit all of these toys on all our vans. Some suppliers are just too far away for us to be able to send our fitters and guaratee consistancy. In which case its better to source yourself locally.
Every item comes with 12 months parts guarantee. If a part failed you would need to pay someone locally yourself to replace the part even if the manufacturer was at fault.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracker

from £299 fitted plus subscription

Track employees. Stop them using the vans out of hours. Stop fuel wastage by 20%. Immobilise vehicles remotely.
Track via an app
12 months parts guarantee

Nextbase witness camera

Witness Camera


Hard wired witness cameras from £299
Add your own SD Card
12 months parts guarantee

DVD Dropdown

Van Dropdown DVD

From £449 upwards fitted to £1499

Add a DVD B Tuner for Digital TV
Upgrade to larger sizes
We have even fitted X Box
12 Months parts only guarantee