Citroen Relay Enterprise

From £210.00 +VAT per month

Finance Lease £209

L3H2 Enterprise £2500 down 59 x £209 £5500 final payment. Downgrade to non enterprise is cheaper ring.

Unlimited Mileage Lease from £50

£2500 deposit £283 month £2500 final payment

Hire Purchase from £356

VAT down 5 years £356 a month

Low Deposits  £250

£250 is our lowest deposit on Relay Enterprise L3H2




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Finance Lease

L3H2 Enterprise £2500 down 59 x £210 £5500 final payment. Downgrade to non Enterprise is cheaper ring.

Unlimited Mileage Lease

£2500 deposit £283 month £2500 final payment

Hire Purchase

VAT down 5 years £356 a month

All models sold

L4 Relay, L2 whole range sold
just ring

Up to 2000 Citroen Vans In Group Stock

Whatever Citroen Relay van y ou want we have it

The Citroen Relay Enterprise Van. For a robust large van that can shift hefty amounts of cargo, take a look at the Citroen Relay. A versatile van which can come in a number of different sizes; you can get the Relay in whichever form is best for your needs. It is not only purposeful but affordable, too.

When choosing the Citroen Relay lease deal that best suits you, you can pick from 8 different combinations of height and length. There are three heights and four lengths to choose from which offer load space from 8mup to 17m3

You can get engine powers of 110PS and 130PS with the majority of the Relay range. The larger variants can come with the 160PS engine for that extra bit of pulling strength.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic option with the Relay but we have other large vans that have this transmission. Try the VW Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit for large automatics.
Configure your van here

  • Airconditioning, a perimetric alarm
  • USB charging on dashboard
    5 inch colour screen with Bluetooth hands free
    & Satnav
  • Cruise control & rear parking sensors
  • Fully adjustable drivers seat for height, reach & rake
  • Front electric windows, twin cup holders, mobile phone storage area
  • Full steel bulkhead as standard
  • ESC with hill start assist to make driving safe and easy, ABS braking with EBA and EBFD

Upgrades available
– Plylining
– Signwriting
– Racking
Frail Vans
– Vehicle tracking, reversing cameras, witness cameras

Citroen Relay Enterprise

Transit Courier Lease
Refinance Your Van Or Loan
VW Transporter 4Motion
VW kombi

As Relay are primarily work based vehicles, there are only two specifications to choose from; the standard and the Enterprise.

Maybe the Relay is a bit bigger than what you need but you could opt for the medium-sized Citroen Dispatch or the small Citroen Berlingo.


If you’re not too bothered about what the Relay comes with and just need your vehicle to do the job then opt for the standard trim.

This includes:

  • Full bulkhead
  • Deadlocks
  • DAB Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Heated door mirrors
  • Emergency Brake assist

Citroen Relay Enterprise Van

For that extra bit of comfort from your Relay, the Enterprise comes with a few extras which is worth paying that little bit more for.

It also includes:

  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control
  • Rear parking sensors
  • 5″ colour touch screen
  • Satellite navigation

Speak to our sales team and they’ll be happy to help you pick out the best Relay for your needs.

The Relay is built using the same platform as the Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato. These could also be an option should these better suit you.

All manufacturers tend to follow the same formula when it comes to naming vans in terms of weight, height and length, and its abbreviated in the same way too
The Length = L the larger the number after the longer then van
The Height = H the larger the number after the higher the van
So a L2H1 van is much much smaller and cheaper than a L3H2 van though the latter is the most popular across all brands
Weight tends to go either 30 or 3000 on large vans with the latter being the max Gross Vehicle Weight.
Typically a large van can carry about 1300 KG to 1500 KG. They are all diesels but soon electric vans with 100 Mile ranges will join the club so to speak.

Optional Upgrades
If its on Google and you send us a link we can sell it on finance.

Protecta Van is a pretty good site

  1. Plylining- Wood and even stronger plastic.
    False floors
    Drainage Vans
  2. Van racking. From simple budget affordable wood racks to Sortimo Designed Racking Solutions.
    Sometimes its easier if we just order the rack for you and you fit it after van delivery.
  3. Roof racks and roof bars.
  4. Towbars and tachographs
  5. Van security. Alarm upgrades, deadlocks, anti peel deadlocks,
  6. Vehicle tracking, in van WIFI, stero upgrades, reversing cameras
  7. Utility specs
  8. Ramps and micro tailifts. Ramps are quite cheap

    Large Automatic Vans
    Automatic large vans are rare and often a custom order. The customer who orders a large  automatic van will generally be ordering for themselves so want something quite specific .Please dont factory order any large automatic apart from a German one or you could find you are waiting literally 12 months for delivery. It a bit different if its already in stock. A German van can factory order an automatic in as little as 16 weeks.

7  Ways Of Van Finance  

Most of our competitors tend to be leasing franchises that all sell the same “specials” that tend to be basic vans purchased at the same time by the hundred. Often the vans you are offered have sat around a while. They tend to prefer contract hire as it locks you into them for some time.
We work via banks rather than by these franchises so we are not as tied in so can offer more of an array of van finance deals. This is why our vans are fresher and  deals better. There is no leasing franchise taking a cut.
All methods are tax deductible. All methods you should really have GAP Insurance Policy in case the vehicle is written off. Many commercial insurance policies will not pay new for old.

  1. Hire purchase – VAT down or VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months.   Click Here.
  2. Contract Hire – This is more popular on cars than vans. Many customers think there is no credit check but there is. Its better for large fleets and doesn’t offer any advantage for less than fleets of 10. If you want to change over 10 vehicles in one go and they are basic then please get in touch. Click here for contract hire.
  3.  Lease purchase. Not always the best deal as some manufacturers offer discounts  that cannot be used on lease purchase. Its just like HP but with a final payment and once it’s paid you get automatic ownership. It’s better once again for VAT registered businesses especially if you want a T6.1 for example to keep at the end and convert to a motorhome. Sometimes a pre registered van is cheaper. Click here
  4. Finance Lease – By far the most popular method as it attracts the lowest payments . It’s gets the largest discounts from manufacturers same as contract hire. However you can fit accessories many of which you cant n contract hire
  5. Operational Lease – Is just like finance lease however you can hand back the vehicle at the end. Some of our Mercedes vans are like this
  6. Asset Finance – We can finance many products not just vans
  7. Credit Limit – Pre approve your van purchases 90 days in advance. Useful  for example if you have a contract tender.

GAP Insurance

If you write a vehicle off in say year one the insurance company may well pay you less than the settlement value. Thus through no fault of your own you may need to buy a older cheaper van to reach the same monthly payment. Click Here to buy a GAP Policy

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