Tipper and Dropside Vans

Tippers vans for sale

Some businesses rely on the use of a Tipper to transport and drop off awkward loads such as sand, gravel and waste. At Swiss Vans, we want to ensure there is a commercial vehicle for all purposes and having specialist Tipper vans for sale allows us to appeal to those who work in construction.

There are a range of Tipper vans for sale  and Tipper trucks for sale with Swiss Vans, including the Iveco tipper and the Transit Tipper. You can choose from a variety of options such as the single cab or double as well as a simple 1-way tipper or 3-way tipper.

If you opt for a single cab tipper van , you will get the largest load space possible with your tipper. But, should you need to carry a crew, there is seating for up to 6 people with the double cab.

Most tipper vans for sale  come with the 1-way hydraulics which allow you to unload from the back. It is possible to get a tipper which can unload from either side as well as the back with the 3-way hydraulic system.
You won’t see any small vans for sale 

Options include:

– Single or double cab tipper. A double cab tipper can seat normally up to six or even 7 workers. Three in the front and 4 in the back in the case of the Crafter Tipper. The payload of a tipper with 7 workers of course will be very limited.
– 1-way or 3-way tipper. 3 way tippers are rare these days due to the dangers posed from tipping the load to the side.
– Chassis choice (Please note: Not all manufacturers offer tippers)

If you don’t need the hydraulics of the tipper but require a flat bed, dropsides are an option, too. Its better to buy a tipper than a dropside as you get the benefit of both.
Tipper Van manufacturers
Ford have a very credible reputation when it comes to the Transit which is why it has used its chassis for their Tipper. The versatility remains with the Transit tipper available with cab and tippers options as well as different wheelbases.

Check out the conversion options with a Ford Transit chassis cab.
Iveco Daily tipper
Iveco are a company which specialise in the manufacturing of vehicles for industrial and commercial use which means their tipper will be built for purpose. They use the chassis of the Daily which you can get in single or double cab, and even as a 4×4

Mercedes Tippers
The Mercedes Sprinter Tipper is a great platform to work from and should last for years and years.

Citroen Relay Tipper
This product has become very popular over recent years mainly due to teh low ownershop costs

VW Crafter Tipper
One of the best tippers on the market. Its popular especially for ground workers and utilities who use lorries for large deliveries but love the flexibility of up to 7 seats
Other tippers
Other manufacturers will offer their own tippers. If you’re after a specific model, give our sales team a call and tell them what you want.
How to get a Tipper Van with Swiss?
It is important for businesses that they have the vehicles they need in order to operate smoothly. We understand it isn’t always easy to get the van you want without breaking the bank. This is why we offer a number of methods to ensure it is possible for everyone to get the van they need.

We have tipper vans for lease as well as being able to buy outright. Whichever way better suits you.

The methods of tipper vans for sale  include:

– Finance lease
– Buying outright
– Hire purchase
– Lease purchase

Call us today for a chat about the tippervan  you need and we’ll get you the best deal.

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