Small Vans

Small vans

Small vans for sale. A compact and dynamic small van could prove a valued addition to any business fleet. There may be times where you don’t need to utilise the large load space in bigger vehicles and you can opt to use one of the more economical small vans we offer.

Maybe you’re a one-man band who just needs a small van to run your independent business. You could be based in a city and need something which has a low fuel consumption. It is also much easier to manoeuvre and park in tight spaces with a smaller van. Whatever your trade, whether you’re a plumber, an electrician or a courier, there is a small van for you with Swiss Vans.

It is surprising the amount of space you can get in the back of a small van with the majority being able to hold a Euro pallet. However, space may not be of prime importance to you as you may prefer passenger. You have the choice to make your small vehicle a crew van by including additional seating. But, bear in mind, you will lose some load space.

What small vans can I get?

There are a number of different small vans from different manufacturers available with Swiss. Each with their own pros and cons; you can choose the vehicle which best suits your individual or business needs.

  • berlingo
  • connect
  • courier
  • caddy

Citroen Berlingo – One of the most popular small vans on the road. This is probably due to its value for money. You get an affordable van which can more than serve a purpose

Ford Transit Connect – The renowned Transit name is used by Ford to create a smaller van which can appeal to lone tradespeople. With a lot to live up to, the Connect replicates the reliability of the rest of the Transit family.

Ford Transit Courier – An even smaller van than the Connect; the Transit Courier could be better again for those who need just a little amount of space. Cheap to run, easy to drive and great economy.

VW Caddy – A versatile small van which is available in different size which can provide even more space than your normal small van. With Swiss, you can make your Caddy stand out even further with our WASP kit.

Peugeot Partner – Regularly seen on roads, the Partner can provide plenty of space. Especially because it can include a folding passenger seat which optimises load length and capacity when you need to do so.

Mercedes Benz Citan – Basically, the build is based on a Renault Kangoo but with the Mercedes-Benz touch. However, you can get a compact version of the Citan which can rival Ford’s Transit Courier.

Renault Kangoo – Another small yet flexible van; you can optimise space with a panel van or add seats with a crew van. The Kangoo has proved to be very popular over the past few years. Also available in a Maxi version for even more space.

How to finance a small van?

You can buy a small van in a number of ways with Swiss Vans. Whether you have the whole sum of money or wish to pay monthly for your vehicle, we are happy to cater for our customers different requests.

Our payment methods include:

– Finance lease
– Contract hire
– Buying outright
– Hire purchase
– Lease purchase

To learn more about the van finance methods we offer, take a look .  Or, better still, give us a call and our sales team will happy to talk you through your van and your options. If you want something larger try our Luton van.

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