New Minibus Sale. Swiss have a range of popular new minibus for sale
and a wide range of ways to fund these purchases. Minbus are sold for one reason alone which is to transport people in safety. They range from top end vehicles such as the VW Caravelle and Mercedes V Class, which are intended to carry small numbers. To vehicles like the Transit which are quite spartan and bus like.

8 & 9 Seater Minibus 
Smaller van based minibus do not require and special form of driving license
There are two main  types of minibus and often manufacturers have an overlap in models. One is a basic no frills type and the second often has less seats and more comfort.

12- 17 Seater Minibus & School Buses 
In most cases a tachograph and a specialist  drivers license is required.

Automatic Minibus 
Think ahead as these are always special order vehicles and it isn’t unusual  to see 6- 9 month delivery on Automatic Minibus. Ford Transit Custom Lease

Funding Minibus Purchases
Its important to have a sensible perspective on balloons where they are offered. If you have a business where the minibus is likely to cover large distances then its best to reduce or remove the balloon.

Minibus leasing-
– Typical deposit 10% but sometimes just 1 payment in advance for a very good credit score.

How Finance Decisions are made
– Limited companies the finance decision is based on the companies  net worth and Adelphi Score. Very often the decision is automated.

Pre Approved Credit Limit
– If you want more than one minibus then

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