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  • vauxhall vivaro double cab

    Vauxhall Vivaro Double Cab

    Vivaro Sportive Double Cab from £199 pm


  • Vito Crew Cab Sport WASP £333.64

    Mercedes Vito Sport WASP

    LIMITED STOCK: Vito Sport 160 Crew from £249pm. Upgrade to a WASP for £40pm


  • VW Transporter DSG WASP £349.00

    VW Transporter DSG

    Lease a VW Transporter DSG Kombi from £399pm +VAT


  • VW Transporter kombi wasp 204 £376.00

    VW Transporter WASP

    Finance lease a Transporter WASP from £379pm over 4 years


  • Kombi Sport Vans.

    This is what we do best at Swiss and we take a standard van and give it a twist. Most of us at Swiss drive personally some sort of sports van so join us. A Kombi Sports van traditionally used to be 10 years ago a VW Transporter Window Van. We then started adding some steel panels at the back rather than glass all around to give it more of a “Look” and unashamedly started naming it in 2006 the Kasten Wagen  on our website which was shorted to Kombi. A years old name. To our surprise  the van was well received  and many many people were working on these vans in the T4 as a sort of Cult.

    Since then the Basic Kombi has evolved into a culture that isn’t restricted to Volkswagen. The Ford Followed suit but lacks the ability that the VW has to be customised. Alloys bigger than 20 inches can scrub on the arches, and the stereo requires quite a lot of skill to replace. Yet the Ford Transit Custom is now outselling the Ve Transporter T6 in quite a  fashion.